25 Action Verbs That Start With D (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with D are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To injure someone or break something.


Example Sentence: Bobby damaged my car at the parking lot, I hate that kid.


Meaning: To move your body to the rhythm of the music.


Example Sentence: We danced all night at our high school reunion.


Meaning: To make a choice, or to conclude something.


Example Sentence: Melissa finally decided on the color of her dress.


Meaning: To announce something publicly.


Example Sentence: Our boss declared that he resigned from his position.


Meaning: To say no to someone or something.


Example Sentence: Emmy declined our job offer.


Meaning: To lower the number of something, to make it smaller.


Example Sentence: The company decreased the work hours for everyone.


Meaning: To commit to something, to devote oneself.


Example Sentence: Johnny completely dedicated himself to helping the poor.


Meaning: To win against someone.


Example Sentence: I defeated Mike in Street Fighter and he broke the joystick.


Meaning: To protect someone or something.


Example Sentence: Some guys were giving me a hard time and Howiey defended me


Meaning: To say the true meaning of something.


Example Sentence: It will be hard for me and Terri to ever define our relationship.


Meaning: To remove something.


Example Sentence: James deleted our entire project from his laptop.


Meaning: To show how something is done with an example.


Example Sentence: Timothy demonstrated his karate skills at school today.


Meaning: To not want to admit something.


Example Sentence: Anthony keeps denying that he was with another girl last night.


Meaning: To share details about someone or something.


Example Sentence: Can you describe what Henry looks like in person?


Meaning: To wish for something, to crave it.


Example Sentence: Monica desired cheesecake so I went out and bought it for her.


Meaning: To damage something completely, beyond repair.


Example Sentence: My car was destroyed in that accident.


Meaning: To find something out exactly.


Example Sentence: We need to determine if your car can be fixed or is it hopeless


Meaning: To grow, to advance something.


Example Sentence: We developed a new vaccine this morning, we just need to test it.


Meaning: To stop living.


Example Sentence: John’s grandfather died this morning.


Meaning: To have a different opinion than someone.


Example Sentence: Tyler disagrees with me in everything I say..


Meaning: To hide from the sight of others.


Example Sentence: Rachel disappeared from the face of the Earth after our reunion.


Meaning: To find something.


Example Sentence: We discovered an unreleased album by a famous musician


Meaning: To show something.


Example Sentence: We displayed everything we have planned in our presentation.


Meaning: To save a file from the Internet onto a device, a computer, or a phone.


Example Sentence: I downloaded a bunch of movies from a website last night.


Meaning: To operate a car or a different vehicle.


Example Sentence: We were driving last night through the highway and it was beautiful.


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