25 Action Verbs That Start With E (Most Common)

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If you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with E are, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To gain something by working or through effort.


Example Sentence: Jake earns a lot of money selling sneakers.


Meaning: To put food inside of your mouth, chew it, and swallow it.


Example Sentence: We ate the most amazing pizza for lunch today.


Meaning: To repeat a sound or to reflect it off a surface.


Example Sentence: James is constantly echoing everything Lucas says.


Meaning: To obscure something, to hide it from light, or to surpass something in success.


Example Sentence: The way he played last night eclipsed everyone else…


Meaning: To remove errors from something and make it better.


Example Sentence: I had to edit a lot of documents for work.


Meaning: To teach someone a skill or piece of knowledge.


Example Sentence: My father educated me on proper etiquette.


Meaning: To remove something, to throw it out.


Example Sentence: We were ejected from the concert because we used our phones.


Meaning: To explain something with extra details.


Example Sentence: He couldn’t elaborate on why he thought he was right.


Meaning: To vote for someone for a political position.


Example Sentence: Byron was elected as the mayor of our small town.


Meaning: To lift something higher, or to boost someone or something figuratively.


Example Sentence: I love people who elevate me and make everyone happier.


Meaning: To remove someone or something.


Example Sentence: he wants to eliminate anyone who opposes him.


Meaning: To avoid something or someone.


Example Sentence: My friends have been eluding me recently


Meaning: To begin doing something that will last long.


Example Sentence: The whole crew embarked on a journey filled with adventure.


Meaning: To make someone feel bad or self-conscious.


Example Sentence: Tony embarrassed himself in front of the entire class?


Meaning: To steal money or assets through fraud.


Example Sentence: Lucy embezzled a lot of money while working here.


Meaning: To represent something in physical form.


Example Sentence: Timothy embodies the spirit of actors from the past.


Meaning: To hug someone, to wrap your arms around them.


Example Sentence: Jessie embraced me when she got off her plane.


Meaning: To appear in someone’s view.


Example Sentence: Amanda emerged from the crowd and immediately stood out.


Meaning: To hire someone to work for you for money.


Example Sentence: We employ around 500 workers in our company.


Meaning: To make something possible.


Example Sentence: my boss enabled me to work irregular hours.


Meaning: To meet someone unexpectedly.


Example Sentence: Gary encountered his ex-girlfriend yesterday.


Meaning: To bring something to its conclusion.


Example Sentence: We ended the night drinking at the beach.


Meaning: To experience pleasure in something.


Example Sentence: people really seem to be enjoying the meal.


Meaning: To run away from something or somebody.


Example Sentence: Lucas escaped from prison when he was 25.

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