25 Action Verbs That Start With S (Most Common)

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If you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with S are, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To destroy something on purpose.


Example Sentence: We sabotaged the company from the inside.


Meaning: To move through water or air, most commonly through water by boat


Example Sentence: Johnny and his family sailed through the Atlantic ocean over the summer.


Meaning: To keep something away for later use.


Example Sentence: You need to save the images to your computer.


Meaning: To frighten someone, or to alarm them.


Example Sentence: Howie’s dog scared me when he jumped in front of me.


Meaning: To criticize someone because of something they did.


Example Sentence: My mom scolds me constantly even though I’m 30.


Meaning: To gain points in a game or a sport.


Example Sentence: We scored more points than our opponents but they counted wrong.


Meaning: To dig at something using nails or claws.


Example Sentence: Can you scratch my back, please.


Meaning: To yell very loudly at someone or because of something.


Example Sentence: We all screamed like crazy once the scary scene happened in the movie.


Meaning: To try to find something.


Example Sentence: Joanne searched for her biological mother for years.


Meaning: To take something from someone by force.


Example Sentence: We seized the stolen goods from the thieves.


Meaning: To choose something or someone.


Example Sentence: The local team selected Mike as their quarterback.


Meaning: To exchange something you own for money, or to act as a salesperson.


Example Sentence: James is planning to sell his house.


Meaning: To be aware of something using your perception.


Example Sentence: Timothy could sense that someone was watching him.


Meaning: To move something with fast and short motions.


Example Sentence: The ground was shaking for almost an hour yesterday.


Meaning: To give a part of something you have to someone else.


Example Sentence: Me and my brother share everything, even clothes.


Meaning: To break something into many small pieces.


Example Sentence: I got so scared when the glass shattered.


Meaning: To remove hair from the skin.


Example Sentence: Michael needs to shave his beard for work.


Meaning: To change in a way, or to move.


Example Sentence: Her entire personality shifted after she found out he cheated on her.


Meaning: To shake out of fear or being cold, to tremble.


Example Sentence: We shivered constantly while hiking yesterday.


Meaning: To push someone or something in a rough way.


Example Sentence: I wanted to shove Ryan to the ground when he insulted me.


Meaning: To become smaller.


Example Sentence: People start to shrink when they get older.


Meaning: To bring something into someone’s view, to demonstrate.


Example Sentence: I asked Lory to show me how to make pizza.


Meaning: To make melodic sounds with your voice.


Example Sentence: I can’t sing at all but I love karaoke.


Meaning: To shut something extremely hard and loudly.


Example Sentence: My boss slammed the documents on my desk and told me to handle it.


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