25 Action Verbs That Start With U (Most Common)

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So, you’re curious about what some of the most common action verbs that start with U are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To unfasten something.


Example Sentence: My son always unbuckles his seatbelt while I’m driving and it’s annoying.


Meaning: To reveal something.


Example Sentence: The police uncovered the truth behind the president’s death.


Meaning: To estimate something as being lesser in value or having lower worth.


Example Sentence: Tonya underestimated my singing skills.


Meaning: To be subjected to something.


Example Sentence: Anthony had to undergo heart surgery because he drinks too much.


Meaning: To emphasize something, to stress its importance.


Example Sentence: I can’t underline enough how important this project is.


Meaning: To weaken secretly.


Example Sentence: Ronnie undermined his political opponents.


Meaning: To comprehend something.


Example Sentence: I understood the assignment so my boss praised me.


Meaning: To attempt to do something.


Example Sentence: We undertook this mission without knowing how dangerous it is.


Meaning: To nullify something, to make it as if it was not done.


Example Sentence: We nullified the agreement because they weren’t respectful.


Meaning: To remove clothes.


Example Sentence: Joey undressed and jumped on the bed.


Meaning: To dig something up.


Example Sentence: The researchers unearthed ruins that are 1,000 years old!


Meaning: To open something that was folded, to unwrap.


Example Sentence: He unfolded the map and we could all see the route we were going to take


Meaning: To remove the software from a computer.


Example Sentence: Johnny uninstalled my antivirus, he says it’s unnecessary.


Meaning: To combine, to put together, to become one.


Example Sentence: Students all across the country united in their protests.


Meaning: To let something go, to set something free.


Example Sentence: Timmy unleashed his anger once he found out Lucy was cheating on him.


Meaning: To open.


Example Sentence: Can you unlock the door for your sister? She doesn’t have a key.


Meaning: To remove the plug out of something.


Example Sentence: We unplug the phone each afternoon so we can rest.


Meaning: To cancel your subscription to something.


Example Sentence: I unsubscribed from Netflix, I never watch it anyway.


Meaning: To remove tangles, to straighten out.


Example Sentence: Lisa untangled my hair, she’s the best.


Meaning: To reveal.


Example Sentence: They unveiled their new movie at the local film festival.


Meaning: To relax.


Example Sentence: I need time to unwind every day after work.


Meaning: To make something current, to bring someone up to date.


Example Sentence: My boss updated me with all the info about the project.


Meaning: To promote, to make better.


Example Sentence: We upgraded the computers at our company.


Meaning: To disturb someone.


Example Sentence: Sonny upset me when he pulled that prank on me.


Meaning: To make use of something.


Example Sentence: My team utilized everything we learned in order to beat our opponents.


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