25 Verbs That Start With B (Most Common)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with B are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To move backward.


Example Sentence: We were backed into a corner but somehow managed to escape


Meaning: To use an oven to cook food.


Example Sentence: Melissa baked my favorite cake for my birthday.


Meaning: To stop someone from doing something.


Example Sentence: They banned the usage of phones at work yesterday.


Meaning: To build upon an already set foundation of knowledge


Example Sentence: We based our research on a paper published 50 years ago.


Meaning: To exist.


Example Sentence: I was in town yesterday and you didn’t say hi.


Meaning: To cope with something or to hold weight.


Example Sentence: I can’t bear the fact that Joshua is with a different girl now.


Meaning: To grow into something different, to change.


Example Sentence: He became a completely different person once he moved from this town.


Meaning: To plead for something.


Example Sentence: I’m begging you, don’t go out with her, you’ll regret it!


Meaning: To start doing something.


Example Sentence: The movie begins at 8 PM, we’ll meet up at 7.


Meaning: To act appropriately.


Example Sentence: Jimmy behaved like a good boy today.


Meaning: To be convinced of something, to have confidence in something.


Example Sentence: Jeremy believed that they will win the game.


Meaning: To fit in somewhere, to have a place.


Example Sentence: I think Lisa belongs here, she’s the best salesperson we have.


Meaning: To be cautious, to be aware of the danger.


Example Sentence: I think you should beware of the dogs in this neighborhood.


Meaning: To use teeth to dig into food or an object.


Example Sentence: Melissa bit into that slice of pizza like her life depended on it.


Meaning: To say that someone is responsible for something that happened.


Example Sentence: James blamed me for the disaster at work and I got fired.


Meaning: To combine multiple things or people in harmony.


Example Sentence: Tommy really blended in with the crowd at the game


Meaning: To brag about something.


Example Sentence: Why was Lucas boasting about his success today?


Meaning: To push something higher, to promote.


Example Sentence: The movie release boosted book sales by a lot.


Meaning: To take something from someone with the intention of returning it.


Example Sentence: I borrowed these dress pants from Mike for the wedding.


Meaning: To annoy someone.


Example Sentence: My little sister keeps bothering me while I’m working at home.


Meaning: To smash something into pieces, to malfunction.


Example Sentence: Kylie broke my Playstation console with a hammer because I was playing too much.


Meaning: To take air into your lungs and let it out.


Example Sentence: I was breathing perfectly before I started smoking.


Meaning: To put something together, to create.


Example Sentence: We built this house from the ground up ourselves.


Meaning: To set something on fire, to be on fire.


Example Sentence: My apartment burned down last night because of a gas leak.


Meaning: To purchase something using money.


Example Sentence: I bought this diamond necklace for Carol’s birthday, I hope she likes it.


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