25 Verbs That Start With G (Most Common)

Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with G are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To get something.


Example Sentence: Lucy gained a lot by working at our company.


Meaning: To rinse and wash your throat with a liquid.


Example Sentence: I gargled after brushing my teeth, no worries, my breath is fine.


Meaning: To come together, to assemble.


Example Sentence: We are all gathered at this place for a reason.


Meaning: To create something, to produce.


Example Sentence: Can you generate enough shoes to satisfy all your customers?


Meaning: To receive.


Example Sentence: I didn’t get your message.


Meaning: To laugh in a cute, comical way.


Example Sentence: Laura was giggling all through the class today.


Meaning: To hand something to someone.


Example Sentence: I gave you the best possible birthday present and you still aren’t happy!


Meaning: To stare at someone.


Example Sentence: Why are you glaring at me?


Meaning: To float, sail or skate.


Example Sentence: We were gliding through the waves on his boat.


Meaning: To quickly look at something or someone.


Example Sentence: I glimpsed at him from afar, I hope he didn’t notice.


Meaning: To loudly celebrate your triumph by making fun of other people.


Example Sentence: Why are you gloating? I let you win.


Meaning: To shine brightly.


Example Sentence: The stars are glowing beautifully.


Meaning: To move somewhere or to leave


Example Sentence: We are going to a party tonight.


Meaning: To look up someone or something on the Internet by using a search engine.


Example Sentence: I googled you yesterday, you have quite the resume.


Meaning: To talk about someone else’s private stuff or rumors.


Example Sentence: Me and Lauren were gossiping all day yesterday. It was fun!.


Meaning: To get a hold of something, to capture.


Example Sentence: Jason grabbed my arm so hard, I got bruises now!


Meaning: To finish a school program.


Example Sentence: My son graduated yesterday, I’m so happy!


Meaning: To mourn for someone.


Example Sentence: Jim is still grieving for his father.


Meaning: To clean a person or an animal.


Example Sentence: I groomed myself a bit, went to the barber, and cleaned up my hair.


Meaning: To become larger.


Example Sentence: Michael grew 4 inches over the summer.


Meaning: To promise something, to make a pledge that you’ll do something.


Example Sentence: I can guarantee that I will finish the job by tomorrow.



Meaning: To predict or assume.


Example Sentence: Can you guess which movie we’re watching tonight?


Meaning: To speak with enthusiasm.


Example Sentence: Michelle was gushing about the new Top Gun movie.


Meaning: To drink.


Example Sentence: Jack guzzled 5 beers in 40 minutes!.


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