25 Verbs That Start With H (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with H are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To chop or cut something haphazardly.


Example Sentence: He hacked the meat into tiny pieces.


Meaning: To try to bargain on the price of something.


Example Sentence: I haggled with the clerk to get this dress for cheap but he wouldn’t budge.


Meaning: To see things that aren’t really there.


Example Sentence: I was so hungry I hallucinated that my pencil was a slice of pizza!


Meaning: To stop something.


Example Sentence: We halted the progress of that project because it was too expensive.


Meaning: To obstruct something, to stop someone from doing something.


Example Sentence: My workplace really hampers creativity.


Meaning: To deal with something.


Example Sentence: I handled every assignment my boss threw at me with ease!


Meaning: To occur or take place accidentally, by chance.


Example Sentence: You will not believe it when I tell you what happened at work today!


Meaning: To cause something to happen faster.


Example Sentence: We hastened the development of the vaccine in order to save more people.


Meaning: To feel a strong dislike towards someone or something.


Example Sentence: I really hate Kelly, she’s the worst.


Meaning: To drag or pull something, to transport.


Example Sentence: We hauled his broken car all across the highway, it was so hard.


Meaning: To appear to someone as a ghost, to visit someone often.


Example Sentence: Melissa keeps haunting me, it’s getting annoying.


Meaning: To own or hold something.


Example Sentence: Lisa has those pants you want to buy, you can ask her where she got them.


Meaning: To perceive sound with your ears, to learn something by hearing.


Example Sentence: I heard that you are moving to Japan, is that true?


Meaning: To add more temperature to something, to add warmth.


Example Sentence: I heated up the meal you left in the fridge, it was nice.


Meaning: To pay close attention to what someone is saying.


Example Sentence: You need to heed the cues your dog is giving you in order to be a good pet owner.


Meaning: To provide assistance to someone


Example Sentence: Michael really helped me with my master’s thesis.


Meaning: To act indecisively, to pause before deciding something.


Example Sentence: Monica hesitated when I asked her if she loved me.


Meaning: To conceal something, to put it out of sight.


Example Sentence: We used to always hide behind the couch when our parents got back home from work.


Meaning: To emphasize something.


Example Sentence: I highlighted the keywords in the article. Pay attention to them.


Meaning: To take a walk outdoors, to go on a hike, to travel.


Example Sentence: We hiked all afternoon yesterday, it was so much fun.


Meaning: To hold someone or something back, to restrain.


Example Sentence: John always hindered me while we were in a relationship.


Meaning: To employ someone.


Example Sentence: My boss hired me although my resume was not the best.


Meaning: To collect large amounts of something and often keep it hidden.


Example Sentence: John hoards old computer parts. I have no idea what he does with them.


Meaning: To desire or wish for something to happen.


Example Sentence: I really hope that Howard finds happiness someday.


Meaning: To press someone between your arms as a sign of affection


Example Sentence: Blair hugged me today at work all of a sudden, it was strange but nice.


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