25 Verbs That Start With I (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with I are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To perceive someone or something as perfect, ideal.


Example Sentence: Sheila idealizes Lucy to the point of obsession, it’s insane.


Meaning: To find out who or what someone or something is, to find out the identity.


Example Sentence: Did they identify the man who stole your purse?


Meaning: To start something on fire, can also be used figuratively.


Example Sentence: Our love was ignited last night when we went on that dinner.


Meaning: To avoid someone on purpose, to refuse to notice them.


Example Sentence: Michale keeps ignoring me and I just want to talk to him.


Meaning: To create a mental image of something.


Example Sentence: Can you imagine what our life will be like in ten years?


Meaning: To copy someone.


Example Sentence: Jules keeps imitating me, it’s super annoying.


Meaning: To completely involve yourself in something.


Example Sentence: I immersed myself in the research about my dad’s past.


Meaning: To prevent something or someone from moving.


Example Sentence: Our troops were immobilized when our plane crashed in the mountains.


Meaning: To weaken something.


Example Sentence: Smoking supposedly impairs fertility.


Meaning: To share information with someone.


Example Sentence: Can you impart your knowledge to the rest of the class?


Meaning: To stop someone’s movement or progress.


Example Sentence: Our assault was impeded by enemy forces receiving reinforcements.


Meaning: To mimic the appearance and behavior of another person.


Example Sentence: James can impersonate almost every Hollywood actor!


Meaning: To start something, to put it into effect.


Example Sentence: We implemented a new curriculum at our college, and the students seem happy.


Meaning: To explode or collapse from inwards.


Example Sentence: His entire company imploded once they found out he has been stealing.


Meaning: To beg someone or to plead.


Example Sentence: I implore you to think this through and not leave me.


Meaning: To indirectly suggest something to someone.


Example Sentence: Are you implying that Brenda was cheating on her husband?


Meaning: To force something you want to be accepted somewhere.


Example Sentence: Our boss imposed his will onto our entire office, he’s a tyrant!


Meaning: To do something that causes the admiration of others.


Example Sentence: Jeremy really impressed me with his basketball skills.


Meaning: To make something better.


Example Sentence: They improved on their video game by adding new levels and better graphics


Meaning: To rile a group of people up to do something.


Example Sentence: James incited a riot at the football game earlier.


Meaning: To make something larger, to grow in size.


Example Sentence: We increased the number of employees at our company by 25%.


Meaning: To allow yourself to do something you enjoy a lot.


Example Sentence: I adore pizza, but I don’t indulge in it often because I want to stay thin.


Meaning: To have an impact on someone or something.


Example Sentence: He influenced a lot of younger musicians with his music.


Meaning: To give people the desire to do something by following your example.


Example Sentence: Jamie inspired me to start playing the guitar again.


Meaning: To put your resources into something in order to get personal gain from it.


Example Sentence: He invested in our company and now he earned a ton of money because of it.


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