25 Verbs That Start With Q (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with Q are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To make noises like a duck.


Example Sentence: Sandra started quacking all of a sudden.


Meaning: To multiply something by four.


Example Sentence: We quadrupled our income but it still isn’t enough to survive.


Meaning: To drink something extremely quickly.


Example Sentence: James quaffed his whiskey as if his life depended on it.


Meaning: To wither, to waste away.


Example Sentence: The flowers quailed since no one took care of them.


Meaning: To shake or to tremble.


Example Sentence: The ground started quaking so we ran to safety.


Meaning: To meet the requirements for a position or something similar.


Example Sentence: Jamie qualified for the race.


Meaning: To express the numerical value of something.


Example Sentence: I quantified the amount of money we need and people weren’t happy.


Meaning: To divide something into smaller measurable parts.


Example Sentence: We can quantize the musical qualities of that song on a special scale.


Meaning: To keep someone or something away from other people.


Example Sentence: We had to quarantine because we were sick.


Meaning: To argue with someone.


Example Sentence: Joey and Melissa quarreled the entire afternoon while we were there.


Meaning: To put an end to something, to suppress it.


Example Sentence: We quashed our argument after 2 years!


Meaning: To tremble, to shake


Example Sentence: Her voice quavered while she was holding her speech.


Meaning: To behave like a queen.


Example Sentence: Johnny started queening when he appeared on stage.


Meaning: To suppress forcibly, to put something out.


Example Sentence: Gina quenched her thirst by drinking a bottle of beer.


Meaning: To stop something, to quiet it.


Example Sentence: Timmy quelled the riot in his class by hitting the table.


Meaning: To ask about something.


Example Sentence: We queried a bunch of people about their opinion on the lockdown.


Meaning: To search for something.


Example Sentence: We were questing for gold when the cops arrested us.


Meaning: To doubt something or to ask about something.


Example Sentence: He questioned my authority so I punished him.


Meaning: To form a line.


Example Sentence: We queued up and waited in line for 3 hours for a slice of pizza.


Meaning: To use petty arguments during a discussion


Example Sentence: John spent the entire evening quibbling about who was right about the movie.


Meaning: To make something faster.


Example Sentence: We quickened the response time of our computer.


Meaning: To make something or someone silent.


Example Sentence: She quieted her baby by giving her candy.


Meaning: To make a clever, witty remark


Example Sentence: When I commented on her dress she quipped with a dumb remark.


Meaning: To give up on something.


Example Sentence: I quit my job this morning.


Meaning: To test someone’s knowledge.


Example Sentence: The teacher quizzed us on American history.


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