25 Verbs That Start With W (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with W are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To pause, to stop doing something until something else happens.


Example Sentence: I waited for Rachel to show up for 3 hours, but she never came.


Meaning: To give up your rights to something, to stop insisting.


Example Sentence: He waived all of his rights to the money.


Meaning: To stop sleeping.


Example Sentence: I woke up at 5 AM for no reason.


Meaning: To move using your feet.


Example Sentence: Michael walked 10 miles just to see me.


Meaning: To travel somewhere with no specific goal, without a clear purpose.


Example Sentence: I just love being in a new country and just wandering.


Meaning: To desire something.


Example Sentence: I wanted those sneakers since I first saw them, and finally I got them!


Meaning: To raise the temperature of something.


Example Sentence: I warmed the pizza for you so you can eat it for dinner!


Meaning: To caution someone because of danger.


Example Sentence: Melissa warned me that working there will be hard.


Meaning: To guarantee something, to declare it with certainty.


Example Sentence: I’ll warrant that Jesse will do an amazing job with your living room.


Meaning: To clean something.


Example Sentence: Joey washed his new sweater and it shrunk.


Meaning: To use something irresponsibly.


Example Sentence: I wasted a ton of food because I made too much for lunch.


Meaning: To look at something for a period of time.


Example Sentence: James was watching me for 3 hours while I was working.


Meaning: To have a piece of clothing on yourself or to endure use.


Example Sentence: Andrea wears a size 10.


Meaning: To express sorrow by crying.


Example Sentence: I was weeping for the beautiful days of my youth.


Meaning: To find out how heavy something is.


Example Sentence: My necklace is so heavy, that it feels like it weighs a ton.


Meaning: To greet someone politely when they visit.


Example Sentence: Nina welcomed us to her house like we were royalty!


Meaning: To talk quietly


Example Sentence: Monica whispered that she loved me to my ear.


Meaning: To be the most successful at a competition.


Example Sentence: We won yesterday’s game thanks to everyone’s efforts.


Meaning: To clean something with a cloth.


Example Sentence: I wiped the dust off our furniture.


Meaning: To desire something.


Example Sentence: We all wished for nice weather tomorrow, hopefully, it comes true.


Meaning: To become dry, to lose vitality.


Example Sentence: It feels like my body withers with old age.


Meaning: To hold back or refrain from doing something.


Example Sentence: Rachel was withholding evidence in order to protect her boyfriend.


Meaning: To see an event while it is taking place.


Example Sentence: John witnessed the robbery at his local convenience store.


Meaning: To engage in an activity with the goal of accomplishing something


Example Sentence: I worked all day yesterday so I’m super tired.


Meaning: To put down words on paper.


Example Sentence: Blair wrote a letter to me, it was nice.


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