3 Collective Nouns for Sheep

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Sheep are one of the few animals that are emotionally complex and have distinctive personalities. If you notice, sheep have rectangular pupils which help them see better. But, sheep are also domesticated animals, and their wool is used for clothes and other fabrics. So, what do we call a group of sheep? Let’s learn about the best collective nouns for sheep below!

Collective Nouns for Sheep


  • (Meaning) Flock is a common collective noun used for a group of animals, either wild or domesticated, that move together. Since sheep are domesticated animals that are kept as livestock and are always in a group, we can use the word flock as their collective noun.

  • Example 1: Can you please let out the flock of sheep in the barn?

  • Example 2: The flock of sheep is near the property line. Lead them back here, please.


  • (Meaning) The word “fold” is used as a collective noun for sheep that are enclosed. Sheep should not get wet and when the rain pours, they should always have a safe place to go. 

  • Example 1: I think it’s about to rain, so get the fold of sheep inside.

  • Example 2: I will let the fold of sheep graze around the field today.


  • (Meaning) Sheep are domesticated animals that are kept for their wool. A sheep’s wool is sold and turned into yarn, and most farmers have hundreds of sheep. Therefore, we call a large group of sheep a herd.

  • Example 1: Where are you taking the herd of sheep this early in the morning?

  • Example 2: Lead the herd of sheep to the pasture so they can eat grass.

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