4 Collective Nouns for Owls

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Owls have been featured in a bunch of popular films throughout the years for they are very special birds that most people adore. Owls are wise animals and are predators as well. They can easily rotate their heads 270 degrees and can hear their prey from miles away. But, what do we call a group of owls? Let’s find out below.

Collective Nouns for Owls


  • (Meaning) The word bazaar is used for a group of different owls coexisting in one place. Since some owls prey on other owls, this kind of situation is rare yet wonderful. Bird enthusiasts often look for a bazaar of owls to study their ways.

  • Example 1: We went hiking in the woods and saw a bazaar of owls sleeping peacefully.

  • Example 2: I am grilled to have witnessed a bazaar of owls at night!


  • (Meaning) If you are looking for a collective noun for owls that’s not commonly used, “jury” is the perfect word to use. Owls are wise animals that think deeply before making any moves., just like a jury before the final verdict. 

  • Example 1: There was a jury of owls resting on the big tree at the back of our house.

  • Example 2: I want to take a photograph of a jury of owls.


  • (Meaning) Owls are one of the smartest species of birds, which is why a group of them may seem like they are discussing something serious. Therefore, we use “parliament” as a collective noun for them.

  • Example 1: I am always amazed whenever I see a parliament of owls nearby.

  • Example 2: I couldn’t sleep because of the hooting noises the parliament of owls was making last night.


  • (Meaning) In Greek Mythology, owls are the symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. So, it’s only fitting to use the word “wisdom” for a group of owls.

  • Example 1: There was a painting of a wisdom of owls in one of the thrift stores we visited yesterday.

  • Example 2: I am impressed with how well you spotted the wisdom of owls.

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