5 Collective Nouns for Geese

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Geese are one of the largest waterfowl, just next to swans. They love to swim together when the weather is hot and migrate together when the climate changes. So, what are the collective nouns used for a group of geese? We have them listed below!

Collective Nouns for Geese


  • (Meaning) Geese ‌protect each other from predators, help each other forage for food, and stay together while they travel from one place to another. Therefore, “corps” is a great collective noun to use for a group of geese.

  • Example 1: My dog chased a corps of geese yesterday and it was hilarious!

  • Example 2: I don’t understand why the corps of geese keeps coming back to our backyard.


  • (Meaning) Flock is a common noun that is used for a group of birds. Since geese are birds and they are always in a group, a flock is the perfect collective noun to use for them.

  • Example 1: I found a flock of geese near our house earlier today.

  • Example 2: My brother befriended a flock of geese and now they follow him everywhere!


  • (Meaning) Geese are birds that ‌walk, swim, and fly just like ducks. Geese that are found walking on land with a group is called a gaggle.

  • Example 1: I gave the gaggle of geese some of my leftover bread.

  • Example 2: I saw a gaggle of geese by the pond at the back of my house.


  • (Meaning) Geese are always found in groups that stick together and help each other find food and shelter. When a group of geese fly to migrate when the weather changes, most people call them a skein of geese. 

  • Example 1: I witnessed a skein of geese heading east yesterday afternoon!

  • Example 2: A skein of geese flying over water is a magnificent view.


  • (Meaning) When flying, a group of geese forms a V shape so each one can see what’s ahead. Therefore, people call a flying group of geese a wedge because of the form they are making.

  • Example 1: A wedge of geese flew over our heads while we were out swimming in the lake.

  • Example 2: I love ‌how you captured a wedge of geese in your photograph.


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