5 Collective Nouns for Snakes

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Snakes are the second largest group of reptiles. Here are over 3,000 species of snakes today and they rely on external heat like the sun to warm their bodies. There are plenty of snakes roaming around today, so what do we call a group of them? Let’s get to know the collective nouns for snakes below!

Collective Nouns for Snakes


  • (Meaning) When you find a group of snakes tangled with each other and forming a ball with their bodies, they are mating. Therefore, we use the term “ball of snakes” as a collective noun for them.

  • Example 1: I found a ball of snakes under our patio and it grossed me out!

  • Example 2: I can’t imagine finding a ball of snakes. I’m scared of them!


  • (Meaning) A den is a hidden area, usually underground, where snakes can safely rest. Therefore, when a person comes across a den of snakes, they come across a number of snakes resting. So, we call a group of snakes a den of snakes.

  • Example 1: What would you do if you came across a den of snakes?

  • Example 2: There is a den of snakes not far from here but the police are calling reinforcements to remove them.


  • (Meaning) Snakes are reptiles that build nests to lay their eggs. They also stay with their eggs until they hatch. Therefore, we use the word “nest” as a collective noun for snakes.

  • Example 1: I saw a nest of snakes with newly hatched baby snakes!

  • Example 2: I’m excited to find a nest of snakes today!


  • (Meaning) A pit is a deep hole in the ground. Since snakes dig holes in the ground for shelter, we can use the collective noun “pit” for a group of snakes found underground.

  • Example 1: I dreamed about a pit of snakes trying to bite me!

  • Example 2: I wonder how photographers and videographers capture images and videos of a pit of snakes.


  • (Meaning) Snakes move in an oscillating manner, which is why they slither from one place to another. Since this is the most distinctive feature of a snake, we use “slither” as their collective noun.

  • Example 1: What would you do if a slither of snakes suddenly came into your room?

  • Example 2: Be careful when you go out to the field! There might be a slither of snakes living there.

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