5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Du (Top 12)

Learning a new language is an excellent way of sharpening your mind. It can also help you get to know a country and its culture through new words learned every day. So, if you are planning to learn Spanish, we’re here to help you! We listed the top 12 five-letter Spanish words that start with Du, their definitions, and examples in English and Spanish. Let’s learn them now!

5 Letter Spanish Words That Start With Du (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Duaso is a Spanish word that means “dues.” Dues are required payments owed to someone.
  • Example: No puedes seguir pagando tus duaso tarde.
  • English: You can’t keep paying your dues late.



  • (Adjective) Dudas is the Spanish translation and plural form for “doubt.”
  • Example: No sé qué quiero hacer porque siempre tengo dudas.
  • English: I don’t know what I want to do because I always have doubts.



  • (Noun) A duet is called a “dueto” in Spanish. A duet has two people performing a song or a dance.
  • Example: ¡Vi tu dueto la otra noche y creo que lo hiciste genial!
  • English: I watched your duet the other night, and I think you did great!



  • (Noun) A shower or showerhead is called a ducha in Spanish.
  • Example: Parece que la ducha está rota. ¿Puedes arreglarla?
  • English: It seems the shower is broken. Can you fix it?



  • (Noun) Ducto is the Spanish translation for a pipeline.
  • Example: La ducto está obstruida, por lo que necesitamos que alguien la arregle.
  • English: The pipeline is clogged, so we need someone to fix it.



  • (Verb) Duele is a Spanish verb that translates to “hurts” in English.
  • Example: Por supuesto, duele. ¡Me engañó con alguien en quien confiaba!
  • English: Of course, it hurts. He cheated on me with someone I trusted!



  • (Noun) Dueña is the Spanish word for a landlady or an owner.
  • Example: La dueña vino a revisar el apartamento. Ella estaba contenta con lo que has hecho con el lugar.
  • English: The landlady came by to check the apartment. She was happy with what you’ve done with the place.



  • (Noun) A duna is a Spanish word that means “dune.” Dunes are piles of sand formed because of strong winds.
  • Example: Vamos a acercarnos a las dunas para hacer una foto.
  • English: Let’s go near the dunes to take a picture.



  • (Adjective) The Spanish word “duplo” translates to “duplex” or “double” in English.
  • Example: Compré un duplo y es la mejor inversión que tengo.
  • English: I bought a duplex, and it’s the best investment I have.



  • (Noun) A duke is called a duque in Spanish.
  • Example: Escuché que el duque visitará el hospital de niños más tarde hoy.
  • English: I heard the duke is visiting the children’s hospital later today.



  • (Verb) The Spanish word “durar” translates to “to last” or “to endure” in English.
  • Example: Necesitamos que este suministro de alimentos durar más de una semana.
  • English: We need this food supply to last more than a week.



  • (Adjective) The Spanish word “dutil” means “useful” in English.
  • Example: Esta caja puede ser dútil cuando necesitamos movernos de lugar.
  • English: This box could be useful when we need to move places.

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