7 Action Verbs That Start With Z (Most Common)

Do you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with Z are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To hit something quickly.


Example Sentence: Hank zapped me over the head with his hand.

Zero in

Meaning: To focus directly on something.


Example Sentence: My team zeroed in on our opponents and disposed of them quickly.


Meaning: To scrape zest from fruit or to make food zestier.


Example Sentence: my mom always asks me to zest the salad but I have no idea what it means.


Meaning: To move in a pattern from left to right.


Example Sentence: Andy was drunk-driving so he zigzagged all over the road.


Meaning: To move quickly.


Example Sentence: Carlos drove us in his new car and we zipped across the city streets like kings.


Meaning: To encircle something in a zone.


Example Sentence: The construction team wanted to zone the area and create a building complex.


Meaning: To move quickly with a loud sound.

Example Sentence: The kidnappers grabbed him and zoomed away.

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