100 British Slang Words for Hello: Unleash Your Inner Brit!

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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1. Hiya

Example: “Hiya, how are you doing?”


2. Alright?

Example: “Alright? Fancy grabbing a pint later?”


3. ‘Ello

Example: “‘Ello, mate! Long time no see.”


4. Hey

Example: “Hey there, what’s new?”


5. Wotcha

Example: “Wotcha, love! How’s your day been?”


6. How do?

Example: “How do? Ready for some tea?”

How do?

7. Ey up

Example: “Ey up, lad! How’s the weather up north?”

Ey up

8. Hi

Example: “Hi, nice to meet you.”


9. Oi

Example: “Oi, mate! Can you lend me a hand?”


10. Yo

Example: “Yo, what’s up, dude?”


11. Hi there

Example: “Hi there, stranger! How have you been?”

Hi there

12. Cheerio (more often used as a goodbye)

Example: “Cheerio, old chap! See you later.”

Cheerio (more often used as a goodbye)

13. Good day

Example: “Good day to you, madam. How may I assist you?”

Good day

14. G’day

Example: “G’day, mate! Fancy a game of cricket?”


15. Howdy

Example: “Howdy, partner! Ready for some line dancing?”


16. What’s happening?

Example: “What’s happening, folks? Any exciting news?”

What’s happening

17. How’s it hanging?

Example: “How’s it hanging, my friend? Enjoying the weekend?”

How’s it hanging

18. How are things?

Example: “Hey, how are things going with your new job?”

How are things

19. How’s it going?

Example: “Hey, how’s it going? Long time no see!”

How's it going?

20. How’s life?

Example: “How’s life treating you, buddy? Everything alright?”

How’s life

21. Alright, guv?

Example: “Alright, guv? Fancy a cuppa?”

Alright, guv

22. How’s your father?

Example: “How’s your father? Haven’t seen him in ages!”

How’s your father

23. Alright, mate?

Example: “Alright, mate? Up for a game of darts?”

Alright, mate

24. ‘Sup?

Example: “‘Sup, dude? Ready to hit the town?”


25. What’s new?

Example: “Hey, what’s new in your world?”

 What’s new

26. You alright?

Example: “You alright? Need a hand with anything?”

You alright

27. What’s the score?

Example: “What’s the score, mate? Did your team win?”

What’s the score

28. How’s tricks?

Example: “How’s tricks, my friend? Enjoying the party?”

How’s tricks

29. Hello, love.

Example: “Hello, love. Fancy going out for dinner?”

Hello, love

30. What’s the craic? (common in Irish communities)

Example: “What’s the craic, lads? Any good pubs around here?”

What’s the craic_ (common in Irish communities)

31. What’s good?

Example: “Hey, what’s good? Any recommendations for a movie?”

What’s good

32. Hello, sunshine.

Example: “Hello, sunshine! Ready for a day at the beach?”

Hello, sunshine

33. How’s your day been?

Example: “How’s your day been, mate? Productive or lazy?”

How’s your day been

34. How goes it?

Example: “Hey, how goes it? Making progress on your project?”

How goes it

35. What’s kicking?

Example: “What’s kicking, folks? Any plans for the weekend?”

What’s kicking

36. Alright, treacle?

Example: “Alright, treacle? Fancy a cup of tea?”

Alright, treacle

37. What’s cooking?

Example: “Hey, what’s cooking? Smells delicious!”

What’s cooking

38. Alright, duck? (common in Midlands)

Example: “Alright, duck? How’s the family doing?”

Alright, duck_ (common in Midlands)

39. What’s the news?

Example: “What’s the news, mate? Anything interesting happening?”

What’s the news

40. How’s the form?

Example: “How’s the form, mate? Ready to hit the gym?”

How’s the form

41. Alright, my lover? (common in South West England)

Example: “Alright, my lover? Fancy a stroll by the seaside?”

Alright, my lover_ (common in South West England)

42. What’s occurring?

Example: “What’s occurring, folks? Any plans for the evening?”

What’s occurring

43. How art thou? (jokingly formal or Shakespearean)

Example: “How art thou, fair maiden? May I accompany thee?”

How art thou_ (jokingly formal or Shakespearean)

44. Hello, gov’nor.

Example: “Hello, gov’nor. Need any assistance today?”

Hello, gov’nor

45. How’s the world treating you?

Example: “Hey, how’s the world treating you? Any adventures lately?”

How’s the world treating you

46. What’s the rumpus?

Example: “What’s the rumpus, mate? Anything exciting happening?”

What’s the rumpus

47. Alright, cock? (common in North West England)

Example: “Alright, cock? Fancy a game of football?”

Alright, cock_ (common in North West England)

48. How fare thee?

Example: “How fare thee, good sir? Enjoying the festivities?”

How fare thee

49. Hello, old bean. (jokingly old-fashioned)

Example: “Hello, old bean. Care for a spot of tea?”

Hello, old bean. (jokingly old-fashioned)

50. How be’st?

Example: “How be’st thou, my friend? Ready for some merriment?”

How be’st

51. How’s the world spinning?

Example: “Hey, mate! How’s the world spinning for you today?”

How’s the world spinning

52. Fancy seeing you here.

Example: “Well, fancy seeing you here! What brings you to this part of town?”

Fancy seeing you here

53. How do you do?

Example: “How do you do? Pleasure to meet you!”

How do you do

54. Top of the morning. (Irish)

Example: “Top of the morning to you, lads! Ready for a grand day ahead?”

Top of the morning. (Irish)

55. What’s the good word?

Example: “Hey, what’s the good word? Anything exciting happening lately?”

What’s the good word

56. Salutations.

Example: “Salutations, my friend! How’s life treating you?”


57. Hello, old chap.

Example: “Hello, old chap! Care to join me for a spot of tea?”

Hello, old chap

58. What’s the story?

Example: “Hey, what’s the story with that new restaurant? Worth checking out?”

What’s the story

59. Give us a grin.

Example: “Give us a grin, mate! Let’s see that smile of yours.”

Give us a grin

60. Put it there.

Example: “Put it there, pal! Solid handshake you’ve got.”

Put it there

61. Well met.

Example: “Well met, good sir! How fare thee this fine day?”

Well met

62. What’s your poison? (used in a pub setting)

Example: “Ah, what’s your poison, mate? A pint of ale or something stronger?”

What’s your poison_ (used in a pub setting)

63. Hey up, me duck.

Example: “Hey up, me duck! How’s life treating you?”

Hey up, me duck

64. Any craic? (Irish)

Example: “Any craic, lads? Planning any shenanigans tonight?”

Any craic_ (Irish)

65. What’s the bizz?

Example: “Hey, what’s the bizz? Anything exciting happening around here?”

What’s the bizz

66. How’s your granny?

Example: “How’s your granny doing, mate? Give her my regards.”

How’s your granny

67. How now?

Example: “How now, good sir? Ready for a jolly good time?”

How now

68. Looking well.

Example: “Looking well, my friend! That new haircut suits you.”

Looking well

69. What’s the vibe?

Example: “Hey, what’s the vibe tonight? Are we up for some dancing?”

What’s the vibe

70. Bless my soul, if it isn’t…

Example: “Bless my soul, if it isn’t John! Long time no see, mate.”

Bless my soul, if it isn’t…

71. How goes the enemy?

Example: “Hey, how goes the enemy? Making any progress on your project?”

How goes the enemy

72. Long time, no see.

Example: “Long time, no see! How have you been keeping?”

Long time, no see

73. What’s the damage?

Example: “What’s the damage, mate? How much do I owe you for the drinks?”

What’s the damage

74. What’s the word, hummingbird?

Example: “What’s the word, hummingbird? Anything exciting happening in your world?”

What’s the word, hummingbird

75. How’s the weather up there?

Example: “How’s the weather up there, tall fella? Enjoying the view?”

How’s the weather up there

76. How’s your belly for spots?

Example: “Hey, how’s your belly for spots? Feeling lucky today?”

How’s your belly for spots

77. What’s the dilly, yo?

Example: “Yo, what’s the dilly? Any plans for the weekend?”

What’s the dilly, yo

78. Alright, squire?

Example: “Alright, squire? Fancy a game of pool?”

Alright, squire

79. Alright, chief?

Example: “Alright, chief? How’s work treating you these days?”

Alright, chief

80. What ho!

Example: “What ho, my good fellow? Care for a stroll in the park?”

What ho!

81. How are you keeping?

Example: “Hey, how are you keeping? Long time no see!”

How are you keeping

82. You good?

Example: “Hey, you good? Need anything?”

You good

83. How’s the serenity?

Example: “How’s the serenity, my friend? Enjoying some peace and quiet?”

How’s the serenity

84. How’s the form?

Example: “How’s the form, mate? Ready for a night on the town?”

How’s the form

85. What’s going down?

Example: “What’s going down, party people? Ready to have some fun?

What’s going down

86. How’s your mum?

Example: “Hey, how’s your mum doing? Send her my regards.”

How’s your mum

87. What’s poppin’?

Example: “What’s poppin’, mate? Any exciting plans for the weekend?”

What’s poppin’

88. What’s the buzz?

Example: “Hey, what’s the buzz? Anything interesting happening around here?”

What’s the buzz

89. How’s the grind?

Example: “Hey, how’s the grind? Busy with work or enjoying some time off?”

How’s the grind

90. How’s the family?

Example: “How’s the family doing, mate? Give them my best wishes.”

How’s the family

91. Hello, stranger.

Example: “Hello, stranger! Fancy meeting you here.”

Hello, stranger

92. How’s the job?

Example: “Hey, how’s the job treating you? Enjoying the new role?”

How’s the job

93. How’s the universe treating you?

Example: “How’s the universe treating you, my friend? Feeling lucky?”

How’s the universe treating you

94. Hello, me old mucker.

Example: “Hello, me old mucker! How’s life in the neighborhood?”

Hello, me old mucker

95. Are we well?

Example: “Are we well, my friend? Ready to seize the day?”

Are we well

96. How’s the head? (after a night out)

Example: “Hey, how’s the head? Enjoy the night out?”

How’s the head_ (after a night out)

97. What’s the John Dory? (rhyming slang for story)

Example: “What’s the John Dory, mate? Anything juicy to share?”

What’s the John Dory_ (rhyming slang for story)

98. What’s the goss?

Example: “Hey, what’s the goss? Any interesting gossip going around?”

What’s the goss

99. What’s shaking?

Example: “What’s shaking, my friend? Ready for some excitement?”

What’s shaking

100. How’s the boat race? (rhyming slang for face)

Example: “Hey, how’s the boat race? Looking sharp today!”

How’s the boat race_ (rhyming slang for face)


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