British Slang For Weed (12 Examples)

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In more recent times, weed’s legal status has changed around the world, and so have people’s attitudes about it. Many British slangs are attributed to weed probably for comedic or euphemistic purposes. We explore them in this article. 

British Slang For Weed (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Crumpets are popular bread snacks in the UK, often accompanied by tea. Amongst the youth, the crumpet is a code word for marijuana, especially around their parents.
  • Example: We almost got caught smoking some crumpets in our room by our mother. 



  • (Noun) Coming from the Hindi language, the relations between the UK and India have allowed people of the UK to borrow this term and use it for weed. It is one of the oldest terms for marijuana.
  • Example: Smoking too much ganja is bad. You might get some brain damage or stunted brain development. 



  • (Noun) A London slang borrowed from Jamaican culture that refers to high-quality weed.
  • Example: We had to throw some expensive peng because we were almost caught. 

Roach Tip


  • (Noun) Refers to the rolled-up piece of thin cardboard that serves as a mouthpiece for a weed joint that holds it tightly. 
  • Example: I don’t like the taste of roach tips. They quickly melt in my mouth. 



  • (Noun) A specific strain or type of weed that is rough but cheap. 
  • Example: Due to the recent restrictions of the government, even Rockies can get pricey. 



  • (Noun) The rolling paper that holds weed in the joint. 
  • Example: The police found some skins but no weed. Someone must have tipped them before the police arrived. 



  • (Noun) The opposite of peng. This slang is also used in the US and refers to low-quality weed. 
  • Example: I prefer being sober to smoking some skunk. 



  • (Noun) Originating from the West Indies, this is arguably the most famous slang for marijuana in the UK and was originally meant to describe a joint that had no tobacco and only pure weed.
  • Example: People used to be fine with smoking spiff but ever since the US started to ban it, everyone just followed suit. 



  • (Noun) A particular type of joint that has both weed and heroin or tobacco. It is very illegal and dangerous to smoke.
  • Example: Some people have been hospitalized due to smoking splits and overdosing. 



  • (Noun) The Cockney rhyming slang for weed. Also references tea leaves looking like dried marijuana leaves.
  • Example: It is expected that over 15% of youths will have tried some tea before they turn 21. 



  • (Noun) A person that smokes a lot of weed or marijuana.
  • Example: Your teahead uncle got into some trouble with the police for driving under the influence. 



  • (Noun) A simple UK slang for a cannabis cigarette. 
  • Example: The police in some corrupt areas would place some zoot as evidence so that they can take you into their custody. 

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