British Slang Slapper Meaning with Examples

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British slang is famous for its witty insults. If you’re interested in lobbing a stinging witticism at someone, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect word somewhere in the vast British lexicon.

One example is the word slapper. Assuming you’ve never heard it before, you might think that it’s someone who hits other people. You may even associate it with the phrase, “knee slapper,” which means that something was funny.

Both of those theories couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll tell you what the British slang word slapper means here. We’ll also take it a step further and give you some examples, so you know exactly how to use it in a sentence.

What Does Slapper Mean in British Slang?

In the United States, there are quite a few British insults that sound much milder than they actually are. Slapper is one of them.

As we mentioned above, you might assume that it’s just someone who slaps people. Unfortunately, the word has a much more offensive and vulgar meaning.

What does it mean? Well, slapper is a term for a prostitute or a woman who sleeps with many men. You may also use it to imply a woman is immoral.

In short, you’ll want to think about your audience carefully before using this one.

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Examples of How to Use Slapper

At its core, slapper is an insulting term. You don’t use this one in everyday conversation – you use it when you are specifically looking to offend someone.

One example of the word in a sentence is this: “I’ve heard that she’s a bit of a slapper, so I don’t know if she’s relationship material.”

Another way you might hear it is something like the following: “Close your legs, you slapper!”

Wrap Up

If you just blindly parroted every word you heard, you’d end up saying a lot of things you didn’t mean. British slang can sound really satisfying and snappy, but it’s important to research it before you start using it on your own. Slapper is proof of that statement.

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