Slang For British Jail (10 Examples)

british slang for jail

It’s interesting how inventive the British are when it comes to using slang words to lighten the conversation when talking about jails, a place we know to be dark and scary. We have compiled a list for you. British Slang For Jail (In Alphabetical Order) Big House Meaning: (Noun) ‘Big house’ is British slang used … Read more

British Slang For Potato (10 Examples)

british slang for potato

Potatoes are a staple food in every home and food business across the globe. So, we found 10 British slang you could use instead of the word “potato” so you can spice things up a bit. Read on to know the 10 British slang for potato. British Slang For Potato (In Alphabetical Order) Chips Meaning:  … Read more

British Slang For Upper Class (11 Examples)

British Slang For Upper Class

When you think of the British, a few things come to mind. One might imagine the tea, the buses, the Big Ben, and a few dashing British performers. However, most would see the British royalties. They are icons and symbols throughout the world. They signify the upper class of society. For this article, let us … Read more

British Slang For Nonsense (10 Articles)

british slang for nonsense

We get that most people can’t deal with nonsense, for it’s annoying. So, to make light of a nonsense person, thing, or situation, we listed below 10 British slang you can use instead of nonsense. This way, you can laugh it off and move on to more sensible matters! British Slang For Nonsense (In Alphabetical … Read more

British Slang For Umbrella (5 Examples)

British Slang For Umbrella

Whenever it is raining or very hot, an umbrella is your friend. With the weather being always unpredictable, having an umbrella by your side is a must. This is true everywhere, especially in the UK. While it is almost always windy or rainy, it can get hot without any prior notice. Let us look into … Read more

British Slang For Hurry Up (10 Examples)

British Slang For Hurry Up

Have you ever been late for a class or to work and someone in front of you chose to walk slowly? We know that if only you could push the person out of your way, you would do it. If you’re uncomfortable asking someone to hurry up, you can use the 10 Britsh slang we … Read more

Posh British Slang Meaning & Definition with 10 Examples

Posh British Slang Meaning and Definition

The UK is an incredibly diverse country. With all the people living there, it’s only to be expected that numerous different ways of speaking have cropped up. One word you might hear describing a certain subset of the population is “posh.” If you’ve never heard it before, it’s natural to wonder what it means. In this post, … Read more

British Slang For Helicopter (10 Examples)

british slang for helicopter

Helicopters are amazing aircraft that’s used since 1939. Today, it has evolved and is used in different circumstances, so a passing helicopter is no stranger to people. But, we want to have fun when we see one, right? So, here are some British slangs you could use in place of the helicopter. British Slang For … Read more

British Slang For Party (10 Examples)

British Slang For Party

People love parties, and it’s a common social event that every part of the world has. But, we can spice up a party by using other words to call it, right? Therefore, we listed 10 British slang for parties you could use in the future! British Slang For Party (In Alphabetical Order) Beano Meaning: (Noun) … Read more

British Slang For Hungry (10 Examples)

british slang for hungry

Being hungry is an irritating feeling, and you get no job done. But, an empty stomach won’t impede learning new vocabulary. If you want a play with words to impress your friends and colleagues, we listed down 10 British slang for hungry you could use. British Slang For Hungry (In Alphabetical Order) Could eat a … Read more

British Slang For Relax (10 Examples)

british slang for relax

Relaxing is an act of self-care to keep our minds and our bodies healthy. Have you ever wondered what different words the Brits use as opposed to relaxing? They have the first-rate and funniest slang for everything, so we listed 10 British slang for the word “relax”. British Slang For Relax (In Alphabetical Order) Be … Read more

British Slang For Loser (10 Examples)

british slang for loser

Calling someone a loser is frowned upon. So, to be safe, we listed 10 British slang for the word “loser”. You can use these words, and we guarantee you are free to insult someone without them knowing.   British Slang For Loser (In Alphabetical Order) Cockup Meaning: (Noun) Cockup is a term used to describe … Read more

British Slang For Thief (10 Examples)

Nobody likes a thief. Thieves often used their cunning, wits, and malicious strategies to gain the upper hand and steal whatever they desire. Stealing is innately wrong but is prevalent in some sense at every location or segment of society. In British society, various slang words are used to describe a thief. Read more to … Read more

British Slang For Wow (12 Examples)

British Slang For Wow

When you say “Wow,” either you are amazed, shocked, surprised, or caught off guard. You can also use it to point out disgust or sarcasm. The context for wow matters but its frequency in conversation is something you cannot downplay. Due to the wide adoption of this particular expression, we have a lot of slang … Read more

100 British Slang Words for Hello: Unleash Your Inner Brit!

British Slang For Hello

1. Hiya Example: “Hiya, how are you doing?” 2. Alright? Example: “Alright? Fancy grabbing a pint later?” 3. ‘Ello Example: “‘Ello, mate! Long time no see.” 4. Hey Example: “Hey there, what’s new?” 5. Wotcha Example: “Wotcha, love! How’s your day been?” 6. How do? Example: “How do? Ready for some tea?” 7. Ey up … Read more

British Slang For TV – 9 Examples

British Slang For TV

Everyone knows what television or TV is. The impact and reach of the television are so massive that you wouldn’t be surprised if most households have 2 or more sets. The popularity of TV has caused us to call it by different names or associate it with different slang terms. In this article, we will … Read more

British Slang For Idiot (10 Examples)

british slang for idiot

Sometimes, we cross paths with a person who is downright an idiot, but we don’t want to insult them. If you’re looking for a word that would replace ‘idiot’ so it won’t be too obvious, you’ve come to the perfect place!  We gathered some of the most common British slang for it. British Slang For … Read more

Geezer Meaning British Slang (With Examples)

Geezer Meaning British Slang

There is a lot of British slang out there to learn. If you’re from the United States, you’d honestly be surprised at how drastically different British English is compared to what you’re used to hearing. It’s honestly like a whole other language. A lot of the words common in the US have a totally different meaning … Read more

British Slang For Good Luck (10 Examples)

british slang foor good luck

Wishing someone good luck is the best support you can give. Good luck is also an encouragement to people to continue doing what they’re doing. So, if you want other terms for good luck, we listed 10 British slang you could use. British Slang For Good Luck (In Alphabetical Order) Best of luck! Meaning: (Phrase) … Read more

British Slang For House (10 Examples)

british slang for house

A house is where we grow up, sheltered, and loved by family. But, most of the time, we feel like the word itself is overused. So, we listed 10 British slang for a house so that you could use it to widen your vocabulary, even if its’s slang. Read on to learn about British slang … Read more

Wally British Slang Meaning with 2 Examples

Wally British Slang Meaning

Have you just heard a British person call someone a wally? Were you called a wally? Or are you just interested in learning as many British slang terms as possible? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this short guide, we’ll be explaining what wally means … Read more

British Slang For Wonderful (10 Examples)

British slang for wonderful

Compliments are one of the best things you can give to someone or something. Compliments are used for people, places, things, and everything in between, so your supply of compliment words should not be short. We listed below British slang words for ‘wonderful’ and hope you’ll get to use them in your conversations! British Slang … Read more

British Slang For British People (12 Examples)

British Slang For British People

Ever wondered how the British refer to themselves? We have gathered the most common slang words used in the UK to refer to the British people. Here they are. British Slang For British People (in Alphabetical Order) Brit Meaning: (Noun) An obvious shortening of the term “British,” this slang is one of the most commonly … Read more

British Slang Fanny Meaning with Examples

British Slang Fanny Meaning

English is a language spoken all over the world. Given how widespread it is, it shouldn’t be surprising that a single word can have tons of meanings depending on where it’s said. Even from the US to the UK, a single word can have multiple meanings. Geezer is a great example of this – it’s insulting … Read more

British Slang For Upset (12 Examples)

British Slang For Upset

Being upset, annoyed, or mad is just an overwhelming feeling that proper words could not convey. You might just go ballistic and do some wild things when your emotions overflow. Here are some British slang words that may be of help when it comes to expressing your frustrations. Please note that some of these slang … Read more

British Slang For Tired (7 Examples)

British Slang For Tired

The word tired may mean something physical: fatigue, over-exhaustion, and other related terms. However, it is also equally valid to be tired due to mental distress and psychological issues. There are many slang terms for “tired.” Here are some British slang words and expressions for tiredness. British Slang For Tired (in Alphabetical Order) Clapped Out … Read more

British Slang For Kiss (10 Examples)

British Slang For Kiss

Passionate people show love to their significant other by kissing. But, in the olden days, this was taboo, especially if you were not married. So, people invented words that could hide the fact that they were kissing, and it has caught on up to this day. We give you 10 British slang for kissing you … Read more

101+ British Slang Words and Phrases (And How to Use Them)

british slang words and phrases

The English language, being the most spoken language in the world if you were to count both native and non-native speakers, is spoken in more than a hundred countries across all continents. What’s interesting about it is although it is technically one same language, there are countless varieties, not only from one country to another, … Read more

British Slang For Tea – 10 Examples

British Slang For Tea

When you ask any person on the street to describe the most British thing ever, chances are they would instantly reply “Tea” or something that relates to tea. This beverage is probably the most consumed in the entirety of the United Kingdom. The British people are known for their love of tea. For this article, … Read more

British Slang For Vomit (10 Examples)

British Slang For VOMIT

The word vomit can be audacious, especially when you’re out and about. But, sometimes we can’t control the words we use, right? So, let’s learn some slang words you could use that are considered to be a little more subtle.    British Slang For Vomit (In Alphabetical Order) Barf Meaning: (Noun/Verb) The word ‘barf’ originated … Read more

British Slang for Drunk: 122 Words with Examples

British Slang for Drunk

The UK has an entirely different relationship with alcohol consumption from what people in the United States are used to. While drinking is obviously common in the US, it isn’t joked about with the same degree that you’ll see British people joking about it. This difference in culture has caused the number of drinking-related slang words … Read more

British Slang for Woman (12 Examples)

british slang for woman

We compiled a list of British slang terms for women. Be careful since there are some nasty examples in this article.  British Slang For Woman (in Alphabetical Order) Bint Meaning: (Noun) An offensive and vulgar slang for women, especially prostitutes or those with promiscuous activities.  Example: Being sexually active does not mean that you are … Read more

British Slang Growler Meaning with 3 Examples

British Slang Growler Meaning

There are some words that, the moment you hear them, you think right away that they sound British. Sod and tosser are two examples of common British terms that you’ve likely heard before. But have you ever heard a British person use the world growler before? If not, you may be totally confused by what the … Read more

Sod British Slang: 3 Examples

Sod in British Slang

British slang is incredibly colorful and fun to learn. Perhaps one of the most common words you’ll hear is the simple, satisfying word sod. Chances are, you’ve heard sod used in multiple different ways. With all the various ways people say the word, it’s difficult to understand exactly what it means and how you should try … Read more

British Slang For Pajamas (10 Examples)

British Slang For Pajamas

Pajamas are the comfiest attire we have in our closet. It associates with rest and relaxation. Since pajamas are too common, we listed 10 British slang that you could use. This way, you can spice up your next pajama party! British Slang For Pajamas (In Alphabetical Order) Fudgies Meaning: (Noun) The word ‘fudgies’ is British … Read more

British Slang For Lover (10 Examples)

British Slang For Lover

Most people can get confused with the term ‘lover’, for, in some cultures, a lover is a person you are truly in love with. For others, a lover is someone you are seeing outside your marriage. Still others use the term to refer to someone they’re seeing casually. So, we listed 10 British slang you … Read more

British Slang For Grandmother (10 Examples)

British Slang For Grandmother

Although there is not so much to choose from, we listed 10 British slang for ‘grandmother’ you could use in the future. British Slang For Grandmother (In Alphabetical Order) Gramma Meaning: (Noun) ‘Gramma’ is British slang for “grandmother” and is a shortened version of the word as well. It is a common term to be … Read more

British Slang For Orgasm (10 Examples)

British Slang For Orgasm

Orgasm used to be a taboo subject. Today, however, people talk about it more often, men and women alike. But you can still find people side-eyeing you if you openly talk about it. We gathered 10 British slang you can use to not be too obvious when talking about orgasms.  British Slang For Orgasm (In … Read more

British Slang For Sexy (10 Examples)

british slang for sexy

Sexy is a term used as a compliment for an attractive person. To be less forward though, let’s use 10 British slang to replace the word “sexy” to avoid side glances when we only mean well. British Slang For Sexy (In Alphabetical Order) Buff Meaning: (Adjective) This is an adjective that signifies appealing or toned … Read more

British Slang For Going To Bed (10 Examples)

british slang for going to bed

Going to bed is the easiest way of saying you’re tired and want to sleep already but, we want to source up the way we call ‘going to bed’. Below is a list of 10 British slang you can use to replace the word ‘going to bed’, so you can have a wider vocabulary and … Read more

British Slang For Rain (10 Examples)

British Slang For Rain

They say, when it rains, it pours! The British either love or hate the rain, and they’ve made it clear by having tons of British slang for the rain. We listed below 10 British slang to rain that you could use! British Slang For Rain (In Alphabetical Order) Ache and Pain Meaning: (Noun) ‘Ache and … Read more

British Slang For Soldier (10 Examples)

british slang for soldier

The word soldier can sometimes be intimidating, so we gathered British slang to replace the word. Read on to learn about them! British Slang For Soldier (In Alphabetical Order) Bootnecks Meaning: (Noun) The word ‘bootneck’ is British slang for ‘soldier’. The Brits call their marines ‘bootneck’ because of the way they use the leather on … Read more

British Slang For Head (10 Examples)

british slang for head

The head is an integral part of our body. It is where our brain is, making us do things that we think of. The head is also a fragile part of our body, and we need to take care of it to ensure we can function the right way. Many people are having fun making … Read more

British Slang For Handsome Man (10 Examples)

british slang for handsome man

You might run into a handsome guy, or spot someone you like in public and want to point him out to a friend. Of course, you want to be more discreet, so we listed 10 British slang words you could use. Note that some of these words might be considered offensive by some, so be … Read more

British Slang for Money (10 Examples)

British Slang for Money

Money is a medium used for the exchange of products worldwide. But, the word itself can be quite overused. If you want to know other terms used in place of money, we listed 10 British slangs you can use.  British Slang For Money (In Alphabetical Order) Big One Meaning: (Noun) ‘Big One’  is used in … Read more

British Slang For Cigarettes (10 Example)

British Slang For Cigarettes

While a cigarette is bad for your long-term health, its popularity is still strong due to its addictive properties. Ever wondered what slang terms are used in the UK to refer to it? In this article, we listed the British slang words or phrases related to cigarettes and indicated how they are used. Enjoy! British … Read more

British Slang For Men (12 Examples)

british slang for men

What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? Let us explore the British slang for men. Some of these are affectionate while some are derogatory so read what we wrote very well.  British Slang For Men (in Alphabetical Order) Blighter Meaning: (Noun) An old-fashioned British slang used to describe a … Read more

British Slang For Wimp (12 Examples)

British Slang For WIMP

The word wimp has very negative connotations. When you are a wimp, you are thought of as a spineless coward that runs in the face of danger or has no stand in life. Because of this, British people have several slang words that relate to wimpiness and cowardice. Be careful as many of these are … Read more

British Slang For Whore (12 Examples)

british slang for whore

Ever wondered how the British say whore? We have gathered the slang words for whore and came up with 12. We listed them here along with their definitions and sample sentences. Here you go.  British Slang For Whore (in Alphabetical Order) Bint Meaning: (Noun) Coming from the Arabic language, bint originally refers to a girl … Read more

British Slang For Weed (12 Examples)

British Slang For WEED

In more recent times, weed’s legal status has changed around the world, and so have people’s attitudes about it. Many British slangs are attributed to weed probably for comedic or euphemistic purposes. We explore them in this article.  British Slang For Weed (in Alphabetical Order) Crumpet Meaning: (Noun) Crumpets are popular bread snacks in the … Read more

British Slang For Weird (10 Examples)

British Slang For Weird

Weirdness is very subjective, but sometimes, we need certain words to express this awe or confusion about some things we recognize to be too different. If you’re looking for British slang words for weird, you have come to the right place. British Slang For Weird (in Alphabetical Order) Daggy Meaning: (Adjective) Used often in Australia … Read more

British Slang For Vagina (12 Examples)

British Slang For Vagina

It is perfectly normal to talk about one’s vagina. It is an important part of the body with a variety of purposes. When we talk about penises, it is seen as fine in society but more often, vaginas are considered to be taboo. We must break that stigma. Down below are British slang words for … Read more

British Slang For Underwear (11 Examples)

British Slang For Underwear

Your underwear or undergarments are an essential part of your clothing. They provide both comfort and protection, especially against friction. Did you know that some have some sort of religious significance? S In this article, we will be discussing several British slang words or terms relating to underwear. Enjoy and use our examples to better … Read more

British Slang For Toilet (9 Examples)

British Slang For Toilet

Watching some British series or reading some British news might have you wondering about the things and slang words they use for the toilet. While most regions have some sort of “polite” or “unique” way of referring to the toilet, the British certainly take the pie for sounding both weird and polite. Nonetheless, the modern … Read more

British Slang For Teasing (9 Examples)

British Slang For Teasing

When we are with friends, we have fun. Friends play and fool around. They might get into some crazy shenanigans. They might even tease one another to the point of absurdity. Teasing, in some sense, shows how deep our relationship is as it implies that you can joke around and make fun of each other’s … Read more

British Slang For Testicles (9 Examples)

British Slang For Testicles

Let’s all be mature people and talk about another important body part, the testicles. While being the butt of many jokes, the testicles or balls are very important in terms of reproduction. In society, however, testicles are often used as something that relates to bravery or some form of hilarious punchlines. In this article, let … Read more

British Slang For Stupid Person (12 Examples)

British Slang For Stupid Person

Nothing worse than working or being with a stupid person. They might hinder you or, at the very least, annoy you. While you might have the patience to deal with them, you sometimes can’t help yourself and just lash out hard. You might be running out of creative ways to say stupid to someone so … Read more

British Slang For Telephone – 6 Examples

British Slang For Telephone

The telephone is arguably one of the most defining inventions of the modern period along with the steam engine. The telephone allowed for instant communications, which removed the barrier of distance. The telephone would later result in several devices and inventions such as smartphones and instant messaging. Did you know that the creator of the … Read more

British Slang For Stolen – 12 Examples

British Slang For Stolen

Getting any of your stuff stolen is a good way to ruin your day. Having thieves come in and take what is yours is something we fear and dread. However, it is still happening all around us. Due to our familiarity and distaste for it, we have created some creative slang terms related to it. … Read more

British Slang For Throwing Up – 12 Examples

British Slang For Throwing Up

The British, considered by some to be the pioneers of the modern English language, have some of the wildest, weirdest, and most creative slang words. The dialectical or regional variety combined with the various internal contexts brings some entertaining slang terminology. For this article, we will be discussing British slang terms relating to throwing up … Read more

British Slang Bloody Meaning and Definition

British Slang Bloody Meaning and Definition

There are a few British slang words that achieve a kind of legendary status. Around the world, you may hear a handful of these words portrayed in the media. Perhaps one of the most famous British slang words is bloody. Chances are, you’ve heard someone saying this simple word, whether it was in anger, excitement, or … Read more

British Slang Taking the Piss Meaning with 2 Examples

British Slang Taking the Piss Meaning

There are a handful of British sayings that are so common, you’ve likely heard them even if you’re not in the UK. Sod is one example of a British slang term that’s been heard around the world. Another ultra-popular phrase is “taking the piss.” If you’re from another country, you might assume that it means urinating. … Read more

65 British Slang Words for Sex with Examples

GB Slang Words for Sex

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: British slang has some amazingly unique, vivid terms that can make you laugh or even feel disgusting. Naturally, there’s a lot of slang out there to describe sex – especially in the UK. We’ve pulled together this list of British slang words for sex to demonstrate for … Read more

British Slang Slapper Meaning with Examples

British Slang Slapper Meaning

British slang is famous for its witty insults. If you’re interested in lobbing a stinging witticism at someone, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect word somewhere in the vast British lexicon. One example is the word slapper. Assuming you’ve never heard it before, you might think that it’s someone who hits other people. You may … Read more

British Slang Tosser Meaning (With Examples)

Tosser Meaning British Slang

When many people think of British humor, they think of dry and sharp witticisms that you love to repeat. In our list of British slang insults, we touched on many of these incredible insults, including tosser. But it’s always worth taking a closer look, especially with words that can be as divisive as tosser. In this … Read more

101+ British Slang Insults (Complete List)

British Slang Insults

British slang is some of the most descriptive, colorful, and diverse slang out there. You’ve likely heard it in movies, read it in books, or even seen it used by some of your favorite characters on TV. Nowhere does British slang shine quite as brightly as in their brilliant insults. We’ve pulled together a list of … Read more