British Slang Bloody Meaning and Definition

British Slang Bloody Meaning and Definition

There are a few British slang words that achieve a kind of legendary status. Around the world, you may hear a handful of these words portrayed in the media. Perhaps one of the most famous British slang words is bloody. Chances are, you’ve heard someone saying this simple word, whether it was in anger, excitement, or … Read more

Posh British Slang Meaning & Definition with 10 Examples

Posh British Slang Meaning and Definition

The UK is an incredibly diverse country. With all the people living there, it’s only to be expected that numerous different ways of speaking have cropped up. One word you might hear describing a certain subset of the population is “posh.” If you’ve never heard it before, it’s natural to wonder what it means. In this post, … Read more

British Slang Taking the Piss Meaning with 2 Examples

British Slang Taking the Piss Meaning

There are a handful of British sayings that are so common, you’ve likely heard them even if you’re not in the UK. Sod is one example of a British slang term that’s been heard around the world. Another ultra-popular phrase is “taking the piss.” If you’re from another country, you might assume that it means urinating. … Read more

Wally British Slang Meaning with 2 Examples

Wally British Slang Meaning

Have you just heard a British person call someone a wally? Were you called a wally? Or are you just interested in learning as many British slang terms as possible? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this short guide, we’ll be explaining what wally means … Read more

65 British Slang Words for Sex with Examples

GB Slang Words for Sex

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: British slang has some amazingly unique, vivid terms that can make you laugh or even feel disgusting. Naturally, there’s a lot of slang out there to describe sex – especially in the UK. We’ve pulled together this list of British slang words for sex to demonstrate for … Read more

British Slang Fanny Meaning with Examples

British Slang Fanny Meaning

English is a language spoken all over the world. Given how widespread it is, it shouldn’t be surprising that a single word can have tons of meanings depending on where it’s said. Even from the US to the UK, a single word can have multiple meanings. Geezer is a great example of this – it’s insulting … Read more

British Slang Slapper Meaning with Examples

British Slang Slapper Meaning

British slang is famous for its witty insults. If you’re interested in lobbing a stinging witticism at someone, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect word somewhere in the vast British lexicon. One example is the word slapper. Assuming you’ve never heard it before, you might think that it’s someone who hits other people. You may … Read more

British Slang Growler Meaning with 3 Examples

British Slang Growler Meaning

There are some words that, the moment you hear them, you think right away that they sound British. Sod and tosser are two examples of common British terms that you’ve likely heard before. But have you ever heard a British person use the world growler before? If not, you may be totally confused by what the … Read more

British Slang for Drunk: 122 Words with Examples

British Slang for Drunk

The UK has an entirely different relationship with alcohol consumption from what people in the United States are used to. While drinking is obviously common in the US, it isn’t joked about with the same degree that you’ll see British people joking about it. This difference in culture has caused the number of drinking-related slang words … Read more

Sod British Slang: 3 Examples

Sod in British Slang

British slang is incredibly colorful and fun to learn. Perhaps one of the most common words you’ll hear is the simple, satisfying word sod. Chances are, you’ve heard sod used in multiple different ways. With all the various ways people say the word, it’s difficult to understand exactly what it means and how you should try … Read more

British Slang Tosser Meaning (With Examples)

Tosser Meaning British Slang

When many people think of British humor, they think of dry and sharp witticisms that you love to repeat. In our list of British slang insults, we touched on many of these incredible insults, including tosser. But it’s always worth taking a closer look, especially with words that can be as divisive as tosser. In this … Read more

Geezer Meaning British Slang (With Examples)

Geezer Meaning British Slang

There is a lot of British slang out there to learn. If you’re from the United States, you’d honestly be surprised at how drastically different British English is compared to what you’re used to hearing. It’s honestly like a whole other language. A lot of the words common in the US have a totally different meaning … Read more

101+ British Slang Insults (Complete List)

British Slang Insults

British slang is some of the most descriptive, colorful, and diverse slang out there. You’ve likely heard it in movies, read it in books, or even seen it used by some of your favorite characters on TV. Nowhere does British slang shine quite as brightly as in their brilliant insults. We’ve pulled together a list of … Read more

101+ British Slang Words and Phrases (And How to Use Them)

british slang words and phrases

The English language, being the most spoken language in the world if you were to count both native and non-native speakers, is spoken in more than a hundred countries across all continents. What’s interesting about it is although it is technically one same language, there are countless varieties, not only from one country to another, … Read more