Mexican Slang for No Problem (And How to Use Them)

mexican slang for no problem

“No problem” is a very handy expression in English. It is used to say that something is no big deal, showing goodwill to another. In Spanish, the literal translation is no hay problema, but there exist many Mexican slang words and phrases expressing the same meaning.In this post, we will be looking at some phrases, … Read more

Mexican Slang for Money (And How to Use Them)

mexican slang for money

Money is literally dinero in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. But just like in English, there are other ways to say it too. Mexican slang is used commonly in daily conversations. They denote an underlying context, creativity, and intricacy. There are thousands of Mexican slang words that you can use to spice up your vocabulary.In this article, we … Read more

Mexican Slang Word for Cool (And How to Use Them)

mexican slang for cool

Cool! It’s a slang word you say when something or someone is awesome, neat, or fine. The word cool is a somewhat reaction word that can mean a lot of different things. But just like in English, there are also multiple ways to say it using Mexican slang. There are various phrases in the Mexican slang … Read more

Mexican Slang Words for a Girl (And How to Use Them)

Mexican Slang for Girls

Ever wondered what Mexican Slang words you can use to point out or refer to a girl you know or you just met? Do you want to use endearing words for your girl friends? Mexican Slang provides a unique and complex avenue for speaking and conversing. Mexican slang words are numbered up to the thousands and … Read more

50+ Top Mexican Slang Words and Phrases

mexican slang words and phrases

One of the most interesting features of different languages around the world is its ability to grow and further develop. This can be said about any language, and Spanish is no exception. Mexico is a beautiful Spanish-speaking country, so when you decide to visit, you should know how to speak like them. Mexican Spanish, words … Read more

Mexican Slang for Homie (And How to Use Them)

mexican slang for homie

In English, “homie” is a slang that one uses to refer to, call out, or address a close friend or acquaintance. But other languages also have their equivalent, and Mexican Spanish is no exception.Mexican slang offers a variety of unique and intricate words or phrases that you can use to spice up your vocabulary. And … Read more

Mexican Slang with the Word Madre (And What They Mean)

mexican slang with the word madre

Madre is such an innocent and divine word in Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. Originally meaning mother, it is such a commonly used word that it has morphed into various expressions with totally unrelated meanings. Mexican slang, in particular, contains a large number of phrases that use madre either in a polite or a vulgar manner.Proceed … Read more

Mexican Slang for a White Person

mexican slang for white person

The Mexican vocabulary offers a huge selection of words that can refer to a white person. Mexican Slang can provide complex, creative, and unique ways of referring to white people.Down below, we will show you a list of Mexican Slang Words for a White Person, their context and meaning, and how to properly use themA … Read more