60’s Slang Words and Phrases (101+ Examples – Complete List)

60s Slang Words and Phrases

If you’re studying pop culture from certain time frames, one great place to start is by looking at the lingo from the time. What people were commonly saying as slang is often an indication of what societal changes were taking place. That’s why we’ve created this list of 60’s slang words and phrases. We think researching … Read more

50’s Slang Words and Phrases (80 Examples – Complete List)

50s Slang Words and Phrases

The 50’s were an unbelievable decade in history. After the conclusion of the second world war, many were experiencing a boom in prosperity and the large growth in pop culture that followed along with it. In the United States, it was becoming increasingly common to own a car. Pop culture therefore revolved heavily on this newfound … Read more

40s Slang Words and Phrases (130+ Examples – Complete List)

1940s Slang Words and Phrases

If you’re a history buff, the 1940’s are a time that you probably know a lot about. This era was immensely impactful on world history with the birth and resolution of the second world war. Being such a tumultuous time meant that the vernacular of the day was extremely interesting. Whether you’re just into history or … Read more

70s Slang Words and Sayings (243 Examples w/ Meanings)

1970s slang words and phrases

As the tides of culture ebbed and flowed in the 1970s, a vibrant lexicon of slang sprung from the heart of the decade, embedding itself deep within the roots of American English. An era known for disco, civil rights movements, and a colorful counterculture, the 1970s fashioned a linguistic tapestry that was every bit as … Read more