40+ New Jersey Slang Words and Phrases

New Jersey Slang Words and Phrases

There are a variety of states that contribute to East coast slang, but many people may forget that New Jersey is one of them. This state rose to nationwide fame in the late 2000’s with the advent of the reality TV show Jersey Shore, which highlighted a subset of the state’s population. However, if you … Read more

100 Italian American Slang Words

Italian American Slang Words

When Italians immigrated to the United States en masse in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, they kept speaking Italian on American soil. As time went on and new generations of Italian-Americans were born, their traditional language gradually changed. Whenever this happens, it’s called pidgin. Pidgin is a simplified or evolving version of another language, and … Read more

45+ Buffalo NY Slang Words – Complete List

Buffalo NY Slang Words

Many people, when they think of New York, completely forget that it’s a whole state outside of the famous New York City. Although New York City is the largest population center in the state, there are still numerous other cities farther north with their own individual cultures and atmospheres. Buffalo may be one of the best … Read more

35+ Queens NY Slang Words – Complete List

Queens NY Slang Words

New York City is famously made up of five boroughs. While some are more famous than others, each one is important and has its own unique culture. We’ve already looked at Bronx slang and Brooklyn slang. In this guide, we’re going to examine the slang of another borough: Queens. Keep reading to see all the Queens NY … Read more

50 East Coast Slang Words – Complete List

East Coast Slang Words

The east coast encompasses a large variety of states. It also has a completely different feel from the states on the west coast, which has led to it developing its own cornucopia of slang words. In this post, we’ll be discussing, defining, and listing east coast slang words. We’ll also provide you examples of each one … Read more

55+ Brooklyn Slang Words – Complete List

Brooklyn Slang Words

People from outside of New York are used to thinking of New York City as some kind of monolith. You might imagine it as one big city, forgetting that it’s divided into neighborhoods that each have their own unique culture. Brooklyn is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known boroughs in New York City. Today, … Read more

25+ New York Insults – Complete List

New York Insults

The slang used in New York can get pretty colorful. There are words for just about anything, many of which have negative connotations.  If you’re visiting the state – especially the city – you might hear a couple angry insults being tossed around every day. What do they mean? In this guide to New York insults, … Read more

20 Iowa Slang Words and Sayings (Ultimate List)

Iowa Slang Words and Sayings

Iowa may be a humble state, but it has a strong sense of community. Because of the strong connections between locals, there’s a small range of slang words that have developed there specifically. Whether you’re from Iowa and want to see how accurate the list is, or you’re going there and want to learn about their … Read more

50+ Colorado Slang Words (Ultimate List)

Colorado Slang Words

Colorado has more than its fair share of tourists and people from out of state planning to move there. You can theorize all you like about why this is. It could be the beautiful mountains, the laid-back attitudes of locals, or even the legalized marijuana. If you’re planning on visiting or even moving there for whatever … Read more

55 California Slang Words (Ultimate List)

California Slang Words

The United States is such a large region, that each state has developed its own specific slang lexicon. This can make every single state feel like a different country entirely with a language you haven’t experienced the nuances of before. California is different. It’s such an influential cultural behemoth that slang words in California have often … Read more

35 Florida Slang Words and Sayings (Ultimate List)

Florida Slang

At Let’s Learn Slang, we’re nerds about slang terms and how they vary by region. In a country as large as the United States, it’s truly amazing how many slang words there are unique to specific states. In this list, we’re going to take a look at Florida slang words and sayings. This state has some … Read more

50 Texas Slang Words & Sayings (Ultimate List)

Texas Slang Words and Sayings

You’d be amazed at how much a single language can differ between native speakers of that language. Oftentimes, one of the biggest reasons for any variation in a language is distance. The farther apart people are, the likelier they are to develop words that vary from each other. This is why slang in Minnesota feels different … Read more

Prince Albert Slang Meaning & Definition

Prince Albert Slang

Unless you’re into body modification, Prince Albert is probably something you don’t hear a lot. And if you ever do hear that phrase, you might be mistaken (but forgivable) for thinking it was a member of the royal family in some other country. While there has historically been a prince of the same, Prince Albert likely … Read more

34 Detroit Slang Words and Phrases

Detroit Slang

We’ve written quite a few guides discussing slang in specific states, such as Minnesota and Alabama. But sometimes, slang can get even more unique based on the particular city you live in – especially in large cities. Detroit is one city with a small vernacular of its own that locals know and love. With so many … Read more

41 Alabama Words, Sayings & Phrases (Complete List)

Alabama Words Sayings and Phrases

In the United States, the southern culture tends to have a strong reputation. Whether it’s for its amazing food or legendary hospitality, this region is known all over the country. One of the best examples of southern comfort is Alabama. This down-to-earth state has developed its own unique slew of slang words and phrases that you … Read more

101+ Hawaii Slang & Pidgin Phrases (Complete List)

Hawaii Slang and Pidgin Phrases

Hawaii is a state that’s extremely rich in culture. With Asian, Polynesian, and Portuguese influences prevalent throughout the whole state, a unique dialect has developed there that you won’t find anywhere else. Going to Hawaii always feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – even if you’ve been there many times. Out of love for the state, we’ve … Read more

30 Minnesota Slang Words, Sayings and Phrases (Complete List)

MN Slang Words

Minnesota can feel like a whole other country. Steeped in Native American and Scandinavian culture, there are tons of slang words and phrases you’ll hear in this northern state that you won’t really find anywhere else. You’ve probably seen Minnesotan speech and accents parodied in media before. Perhaps one of the most famous examples is Fargo, … Read more