What Is Yams In Slang? (DEFINED)

Yams is another word for sweet potatoes, but we’re not talking about Thanksgiving sweet potato pie here. In this case, colloquially, yams refer to a) a woman’s ass cheeks or buttocks, usually referenced as a compliment for those ladies who have larger bums, thighs, and sometimes tits, or b) drugs, particularly cocaine. Notably, in certain cultures, the … Read more

What Is Gg In Slang? (DEFINED)

I just got my butt handed to me by a kid! – GG, I guess! GG is a slang term that means ‘good game’. In this case, the following sentences provide examples of its typical usage: GG! You won that match. That was a pretty dirty move at the end there – GG, I guess.

What Is Gear In Slang? (DEFINED)

What Does Gear Mean in Slang? Gear is a slang abbreviation for ‘clothing’. The following sentences show how it is typically used: Do you have any new gear? What kind of gear are you looking for? Where can I get good gear in this town? The word ‘gear’ also has several other meanings that are … Read more

What Is Gd In Slang? (DEFINED)

What does gd mean in slang? Gd is a slang abbreviation that stands for ‘God’. The following sentences show how it is typically used: My gd bless you. Thank gd it’s Friday! Please gd help me!

What Is Tea In Slang? (DEFINED)

What does tea mean in slang? Tea is a slang word that has several meanings. In the United States, it is often used as a slang term for marijuana or other drugs. One also hears of ‘the company’s tea’ – meaning the most powerful people in an organization. In this sense, one can tell that … Read more