What Does Bricking Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you wondering what the term “bricking” means in the gaming community? If you are curious about the term, you can find the definition below. We also added a few examples for you to understand how it’s used in a conversation.   What does Bricking Mean in Gaming? Bricking is used to describe an electronic … Read more

British Slang For Good Job

british slang for good job

Telling someone they did a good job is a great compliment, especially if they worked hard for what they’ve achieved. We listed below 10 British slang for “good job” to have a play with words so “good job” won’t be overused. Learn about other British slang you could use instead of “good job” now. British … Read more

British Slang For Mad (10 Examples)

British Slang For Mad

Mad can mean a lot of things; it could mean you’re angry or it could mean you’re going crazy. Sometimes, it’s an expression of a feeling of excitement and surrealness. But, mad means crazy in the UK, so don’t get confused! Here is a list of British slang words for ‘mad’ that you can use! … Read more

British Slang For Yes (10 Examples)

British Slang For Yes

Yes might be a simple term but it is versatile and may be used in different ways. A yes might be an affirmation, confirmation, or some sort of acceptance. No matter how we use it, it is always on the positive side. Here is a list of British slang for yes and how to properly … Read more

British Slang For Thanks – 7 Examples

British Slang For Thanks

The act of thanking or gratitude-giving is a basic but fundamental social element that ties our society together. We have various ways of saying or expressing our sincerest thanks to others. In this article, we have researched British slang terms, including regional vocabularies, referring to thanks or gratitude. Read properly and be guided by our … Read more

What Does Hearse Mean In Rap? (Explained)

Different rappers have frequently mentioned the term “hearse,” some even using it as their title. What does hearse mean in rap? A hearse is a type of car used for a funeral. It is the automobile where a coffin is placed.  When used in rap, it typically means death or bad omens. If that is … Read more

15+ Slang Words For New (And How To Use Them)

slang words for new

Whatever or whoever is new is shining, shimmering, and splendid to the eyes.  Everyone wants first access to the new entry and even pay more for the head start. Nothing stays new forever so treasure the moment by using the slang expressions for new below.  Table of Contents Slang Words for New (in Alphabetical Order)Brand … Read more

15+ Slang Words For Bathroom (And How To Use Them)

slang words for bathroom

Often taken for granted, could you imagine your life without bathrooms? We may find them essential and ubiquitous in modern times, but in fact, bathrooms are not a very old invention. You can only imagine what life was like before them. We have gathered a list of slang often used to refer to bathroom and … Read more