What Does 2X Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

“2X” in rap slang can mean two things. It can be used like “4L” where it is used as a shortened version of the phrase “too excessive,” “too excess,” or “too much.” You might hear someone say it like: “The violence in GTA is just 2x, bro.” Another meaning for this slang is simply to … Read more

What Does 2K Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The slang “2K” is another popular slang that you would find in raps or urban conversations. Due to its usage and different origins, it can be very versatile and used in many ways.  Firstly, you can use it to refer to the 2K series of basketball video games. These are extremely popular and are released … Read more

What Does 223 Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Like the “45” slang in rap, “223” is another reference to a gun or weapon. More specifically, the “223” comes from the .223 caliber bullets that are used in the very infamous AK47 machine gun. 223 is used to refer to any dangerous and powerful machine weapon. For example: “You better not be keeping 223s … Read more

What Does 1738 Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The popular slang 1738 is pretty much associated with Fetty Wap, a famous rapper. He cryptically used it in his popular song, “Trap Queen”  Its origins are very similar to the previous slang “1942.” It is a type of luxury cognac or distilled spirit produced by Remy Martin. It commemorates King Louis XV. 1738 is … Read more

What Is Yams In Slang? (DEFINED)

Yams is another word for sweet potatoes, but we’re not talking about Thanksgiving sweet potato pie here. In this case, colloquially, yams refer to a) a woman’s ass cheeks or buttocks, usually referenced as a compliment for those ladies who have larger bums, thighs, and sometimes tits, or b) drugs, particularly cocaine. Notably, in certain cultures, the … Read more

What Is Gg In Slang? (DEFINED)

I just got my butt handed to me by a kid! – GG, I guess! GG is a slang term that means ‘good game’. In this case, the following sentences provide examples of its typical usage: GG! You won that match. That was a pretty dirty move at the end there – GG, I guess.

What Is Gear In Slang? (DEFINED)

What Does Gear Mean in Slang? Gear is a slang abbreviation for ‘clothing’. The following sentences show how it is typically used: Do you have any new gear? What kind of gear are you looking for? Where can I get good gear in this town? The word ‘gear’ also has several other meanings that are … Read more

What Is Tea In Slang? (DEFINED)

What does tea mean in slang? Tea is a slang word that has several meanings. In the United States, it is often used as a slang term for marijuana or other drugs. One also hears of ‘the company’s tea’ – meaning the most powerful people in an organization. In this sense, one can tell that … Read more

15+ Slang Words For New (And How To Use Them)

slang words for new

Whatever or whoever is new is shining, shimmering, and splendid to the eyes.  Everyone wants first access to the new entry and even pay more for the head start. Nothing stays new forever so treasure the moment by using the slang expressions for new below.  Table of Contents Slang Words for New (in Alphabetical Order)Brand … Read more

15+ Slang Words For Bathroom (And How To Use Them)

slang words for bathroom

Often taken for granted, could you imagine your life without bathrooms? We may find them essential and ubiquitous in modern times, but in fact, bathrooms are not a very old invention. You can only imagine what life was like before them. We have gathered a list of slang often used to refer to bathroom and … Read more