Clapback Slang: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples


(Adjective) The word “clapback” is used by the Gen Z kids when a person responds to another one for calling him or her out on social media. This move is done so a person can defend him or herself if there are false accusations spreading online.


Clap back was first heard in the song Ja Rule wrote which is also titled ‘Clap back” and is a song for those who respected the rapper and his team.

Demographic (Who Uses This Word)

Most celebrities, singers, and influencers use the term clapback when they post on social media. Today, even the smallest move is seen by millions. Therefore, stars and other celebrities use social media and get people’s sympathy to win an argument or clear their names.

Clapback Used in a Sentence

  • Example 1: I’m watching this YouTuber’s clapback video. I think she’s telling the truth.
  • Example 2: Why don’t you clapback to those who are saying you cheated? We have your back, don’t worry.

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