4 Collective Nouns for Bats

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Bats are nocturnal and winged animals that can live for 30 years or more. They mostly feed on insects like mosquitos and hibernate during colder months. You’ll find them in caves or other dark areas for some species are sensitive to light. They also live together in groups of hundreds, so let’s learn what collective nouns are used for bats!

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  • (Meaning) Bats have always been associated with Halloween and other spooky celebrations. But, most bats are harmless. This belief, though, is quite popular and so most people call a group of flying bats a cauldron.

  • Example 1: We got chased by a cauldron of bats because we accidentally disturbed their habitat.

  • Example 2: We went inside a cave and a cauldron of bats suddenly flew out!


  • (Meaning) Cloud is another word that is used to call a group of flying bats. When they fly, they could block the sunlight, for they are always in a group of hundreds or more, hence, the collective noun “cloud.”

  • Example 1: I thought it was going to rain but it was only a cloud of bats passing through.

  • Example 2: I get scared whenever there is a cloud of bats near my house.


  • (Meaning) Bats form colonies of hundreds and thousands. Female bats are the ones who lead these colonies and are better than male bats. Therefore, when there is a large group of bats, you can call them a colony.

  • Example 1: I hope that the colony of bats living in the forest won’t be affected by human activities.

  • Example 2: There is a large colony of bats living in a cave near my house! 


  • (Meaning) We all know that bats sleep upside-down while hanging from trees or rocks in the forests or caves they live in. this is their natural state, which is why a group of them is called a hanger.

  • Example 1: Be quiet so the hanger of bats won’t be disturbed.

  • Example 2: I am in awe about how a hanger of bats could sleep upside-down.

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