5 Collective Nouns for Bees

Bees are one of the most important species in the ecosystem, and they are always in a group of thousands. So, what is a group of bees called? Let’s find out the collective nouns for bees below!

Collective Nouns for Bees


  • (Meaning) A hive is a house where the bees live. Since a group of bees is most likely seen near or around their hive, the collective noun for bees is ‘hive’.

  • Example 1: I have never seen a hive of bees prior to this moment.

  • Example 2: Don’t get too close to the hive of bees for they might sting you.


  • (Meaning) A group of bees can also be called a swarm, for a swarm is a group of winged insects.

  • Example 1: Careful! There’s a swarm of bees by the window!

  • Example 2: I was chased by a swarm of bees yesterday.


  • (Meaning) Bees build beehives so they can nest and be protected. People often see bees gathered near or around their nests, so a group of bees is also called a nest of bees.

  • Example 1: I need to remove the nest of bees on the patio because my kids are allergic to them.

  • Example 2: Do not disturb the nest of bees in the garden, so they can successfully build their hive.


  • (Meaning) Most species of bees stay in a group and travel in a group. Each group of bees has a queen, army bees, and baby bees that all have a specific role in their community. Therefore, we call a group of bees a colony.

  • Example 1: Get away from the colony of bees before they sting you!

  • Example 2: I’m a bee enthusiast and I was in awe when I saw a colony of bees living on a tree next to my house.


  • (Meaning) Rabble means disorderly or noisy crowd. We know that bees have a buzzing sound and when they are together, this sound is loud and can be a disturbance to others. Therefore, when we see a noisy group of bees, we call them rabble of bees.

  • Example 1: Don’t go too near the rabble of bees because we don’t know if they’re calm or not.

  • Example 2: A rabble of bees flew by my window and woke me up with their loud sound.

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