5 Collective Nouns for Birds

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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There are plenty of species of birds and each one has its own collective noun to distinguish each group. In this article, we listed 10 collective nouns for birds. We also have the meaning of each one and a few examples for you below!

Collective Nouns for Birds

A Commotion of Coots

  • (Meaning) American Coots are birds that are often mistaken for ducks. When gathered together, the birds are quite noisy, often sounding like there is a commotion within the group. Therefore, the collective noun “commotion” is used when there is a gathering of Coots.

  • Example 1: There is a commotion of coots near the lake and the residents are complaining.

  • Example 2: It is lovely to witness a commotion of coots today.

A Murder of Crows

  • (Meaning) A group of crows is called a murder and there are a few origins behind this name. One of the origins of the name behind the group of crows is in ancient times, people believe that there is a bad omen related to seeing a group of crows in an area. Also, crows are scavengers that circle around animals that are going to die soon.

  • Example 1: I get the creeps each time I see a murder of crows.

  • Example 2: Look! There’s a murder of crows by the tree. I think that’s a sign of bad luck.

An Asylum of Cuckoos

  • (Meaning) The word ‘Asylum’ is used as a collective noun for a group of cuckoo birds. The origin of the name is from a local folklore in the novel “The Golden Arrow.” Centuries ago, when people hear the first sound of a Cuckoo, it was a sign that summer is approaching.

  • Example 1: There is an asylum of cuckoos by the riverbank yesterday morning. 

  • Example 2: Did you see an asylum of cuckoos fly by your house this morning? I think it's their time to breed.

A Parliament of Owls

  • (Meaning) The collective noun for owls is parliament, for owls are considered wise birds. Owls are also the symbol associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Therefore, when a group of owls gathers, they are deemed as a parliament.

  • Example 1: We went bird watching the other day and saw a parliament of owls.

  • Example 2: I couldn’t believe that a parliament of owls was nesting on the tree by my window!

A Conspiracy of Ravens

  • (Noun) Ravens are black birds that are smaller than crows. They're also associated with bad luck or even death, so people started calling a group of ravens “conspiracy.” Some also call a group of ravens “unkindness.”

  • Example 1: A conspiracy of ravens is a sign of bad luck in our town, for there is always an accident whenever we spot them.

  • Example 2: Why does everyone get creeped out whenever there is a conspiracy of ravens?

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