3 Collective Nouns for Crows

Crows are disliked in some cultures, where it is believed that the sight of these birds means bad luck. One crow can be a bad omen, but what if there are a group of crows? Let’s learn what the collective nouns for crows are.

Collective Nouns for Crows


  • (Meaning) The word “horde” means a large group of people or animals. You may find a single crow flying around, but most of the time, they are in a group. Therefore, we use “horde” as a collective noun for a group of crows.
  • Example 1: The horde of crows resting on top of the large tree gives me the creeps.
  • Example 2: I don’t like that a horde of crows is always by our house.


  • (Meaning) A mob is a disorderly group of people or animals. Crows are known to make a loud sound whenever they are near, calling for other crows, or to warn predators. When a large group of crows comes together, the sound is too loud and disorderly which is why we use “mob” as their collective noun.
  • Example 1: Will somebody scare off the mob of crows before they get too loud?
  • Example 2: I could not hear anything over the loud noise the mob of crows was doing yesterday.


  • (Meaning) Crows are believed to be a sign of bad luck. Sometimes, a sign of one or more crows is a sign that death is near. This belief went on and passed down from generation to generation and led to a group of crows being called a murder of crows.
  • Example 1: It’s my first time seeing a murder of crows this large!
  • Example 2: My mother saw a murder of crows yesterday and now she fears that something bad might happen.

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