5 Collective Nouns for Fruits

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Fruits are healthy and organic foods that are produced by plants and almost everyone loves them. They have a variety of flavors, shapes, and colors, so you can explore and find those that you love. So, what is a group of fruits called? You can find them below!

Collective Nouns for Fruits


  • (Meaning) We often hear or use the collective noun ‘a basket of fruit’ and refer to a group of fruit, may it be one kind or assorted, put together in a basket. This is usually given to other people as gifts or offerings.

  • Example 1: Bring the basket of fruits that is on the table and give it to your class adviser.

  • Example 2: I always buy a basket of fruits because I love eating fruits for breakfast.


  • (Meaning) A bunch of fruit is a group of fruits of the same kind which is collected or bought. Today, most fruits are bought in a bunch, especially small ones like berries.

  • Example 1: You can choose a bunch of fruits when we go to the farmer’s market this weekend.

  • Example 2: It would be good to always have a bunch of fruits at home.


  • (Meaning) A cluster of fruits is a fruit that grows in a cluster, like bananas. These fruits are harvested, sold, and bought as a whole.

  • Example 1: Please pass the cluster of fruits near you so we could bring it to the cashier.

  • Example 2: Are you sure we could finish this cluster of fruits before it goes bad?


  • (Meaning) A bowl of fruit refers to a small or decent amount of a group of fruits that is prepared and can be eaten right away.

  • Example 1: I prepared a bowl of fruits for you this morning.

  • Example 2: Isn’t this bowl of fruits delicious?


  • (Meaning) A handful of fruits is also a decent amount of fruits that fit inside a person’s hand and can be eaten right away.

  • Example 1: Grab me a handful of fruits from the tree over there.

  • Example 2: My husband always gets a handful of fruits that are in season every time we grocery shop.

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