3 Collective Nouns for Parrots

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Parrots are colorful and smart birds that are popular pets in most countries. They mimic the sound of people and things and can even talk if trained properly. So, what is the collective noun for parrots? Let’s find out below.

Collective Nouns for Parrots

A Pandemonium of Parrots

  • (Meaning) Pandemonium is a noisy disorder or an uproar within a crowd. Parrots, especially the young ones, are wild and noisy. Therefore, when a group of parrots comes together, they are known as pandemonium.

  • Example 1: I saw a pandemonium of parrots when we went birdwatching in Africa.

  • Example 2: I didn’t know you bred parrots. You have a pandemonium of parrots in your garage!

A Company of Parrots

  • (Meaning) Parrots are colorful birds that plumage together and resemble a parade. Therefore, people also use the collective noun “company” to call a group of parrots.

  • Example 1: They said there’s a new company of parrots in the zoo.

  • Example 2: My neighbors breed parrots and they now have a company of parrots!

A Flock of Parrots

  • (Meaning) Flock is a common collective noun for birds,  so it is also widely used for a group of parrots. Parrots flock together to find food and shelter, and when mating season begins.

  • Example 1: Locals say that it’s hard to find a large flock of parrots nowadays.

  • Example 2: I hope to see a flock of parrots in real life!

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