4 Collective Nouns for Water

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Did you know that Earth is 95% water? There are plenty of forms of water, and each one has its own name. But, what do we call water that is contained together in smaller amounts? Let’s find out the collective nouns for water below!

Collective Nouns for Water


  • (Meaning) One of the most common ways for containing water, especially drinking water, is putting them inside a bottle. This way, it is easier to transport water in small amounts. Therefore, we can use the collective noun “bottle” for water.
  • Example 1: Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to the park.
  • Example 2: I can’t finish a bottle of water let alone 8 glasses a day.


  • (Meaning) At home, we use cups to drink water and other beverages. Therefore, when we want water, we ask for a cup if we are thirsty. That is why we use “cup” as a collective noun for water.
  • Example 1: You need to finish the cup of water I gave you earlier.
  • Example 2: I would love a cup of cold water to beat the heat today.


  • (Meaning) A pitcher can contain more than a glass of any beverage. Pitchers are used when serving a bigger volume of drinks so people could our themselves a glass or a cup. We also use “pitcher” as a collective noun for water.
  • Example 1: Please get the pitcher of water in the refrigerator.
  • Example 2: I had a cold pitcher of water a while ago. Where did it go?


  • (Meaning) A stream of water is water that flows from one area to another. This can be a river but if there is a stream of water at home, it means that there is water flowing from somewhere in the house. So, we also use “stream” as a collective noun for water.
  • Example 1: A stream of water is flowing from the drain to the front lawn. 
  • Example 2: Did you see the stream of water in the forest?


  • (Meaning) A trickle is a slow or weak flow of water. This could happen when you don’t properly close the water faucet or there is a leak somewhere. Therefore, we use “trickle” as a collective noun for water in these kinds of situations.
  • Example 1: Can you find out where the trickle of water is coming from?
  • Example 2: It rained and now there is a trickle of water coming from the ceiling.

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