64 Gen Z Slang Words and Their REAL Meanings

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Gen Z kids are all about creating new things and making them the next trend for everyone to follow. It’s no different for the words that Gen Z-ers come up with. Today, we hear new Gen Z slang terms almost every day and we unconsciously pick them up and use them in a conversation.

If you are one of those people who get confused with all the slang terms the Gen Z kids use and want to learn about them, then you’re in the perfect place! We have a list of 64 Gen Z slang words listed below.

Let’s learn about their meanings one by one and learn from the examples we also provided. In doing so, you are ready to keep up with the latest trends of this generation.

Gen Z Slang Words (Alphabetical Order)



  • Meaning: (Adjective) Basic is a descriptive word used as a Gen Z slang for a person who is plain or boring because of his style and other lifestyle choices.
  • Example: You can’t join us coz you’re basic.


  • Meaning: (Expression) Bet is an expression that became popular because of Gen Z-ers. This slang term expresses the agreement of a person to another person’s action or statement.
  • Example: Did you say we’re going to a famous club? Bet!

Big Yikes

  • Meaning: (Expression) The term “big yikes” is a gen-z version of “yuck.” This expression is used when a person is embarrassed to where only “yikes” or “yuck” won’t suffice.
  • Example: I spilled my coffee in front of my crush. Big yikes!


  • Meaning: (Noun) A bop is a song or an entire album of an artist that’s undeniably good.
  • Example: This new song is a bop! Come, listen.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) Boujee is a new slang used by hip-hop artists that describes a person who is fancy or rich. This term gained popularity not only in the hip-hop culture but also with Gen-Z kids.
  • Example: Did you notice the overly boujee and attractive person at the cafe?


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The term “bussin'” is one of the slang words that is popularly known today. The word describes something that is in excellent condition or delicious food.
  • Example: This restaurant is bussin’! I’m glad we tried their food.



  • Meaning: (Noun) The term “camp” typically means something that is ironically in trend today. It means something odd that became popular and would not be so, if not for social media.
  • Example: I can’t believe baggy pants are camp. It just doesn’t seem right.


  • Meaning: (Verb) Young people today refer to the word “cancel” to defame a celebrity, artist, company, or organization that did something unimaginable that caused harm to other people. This movement is called the cancel culture.
  • Example: Another famous influencer got canceled because of cyber-bullying.

Catch these hands

  • Meaning: (Phrase) The “catch these hands” phrase originated in the early 2000s and is used by older generations before Gen Z. This phrase means a person wants a fight.
  • Example: You keep insulting my friends, you’re going to catch these hands!


  • Meaning: (Noun) A CEO is a person who owns and leads a company. In Gen Z slang words, CEO means a person is a pro or a master of a certain skill.
  • Example: I am the CEO of a new startup. But I’ve been working on this project for years.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) A clapback is an action wherein a person responds to another person who called him out because of a false statement.
  • Example: I’m going to clapback because I did not cheat on the exams.


  • Meaning: (Noun) Cheugy is another Gen-Z term, originated in 2013 from a high-schooler who used this term to describe something that is not trendy.
  • Example: Your ‘fit is so cheugy. Sorry, no sorry.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word cringe describes that feeling of secondhand embarrassment from something a person watched or read.
  • Example: This movie is cringe! I can’t finish it.



  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word “dank” is used to describe a thing that is made in excellent condition.
  • Example: You made this painting? It’s dank!


  • Meaning: (Abbreviation) “DMs” is used by Gen- zers when referencing private messages sent directly to them, like on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Example: Stop going through my DMs!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) Drag is a slang term from the younger age group that is used when a person makes fun of or criticizes another person. Drag is synonymous with roasting a person.
  • Example: You always drag me and when I clapback, you get mad.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word “drip” describes a cool, swag, or trendy clothing style.
  • Example: Your shoes are the drip! Did you customize them?



  • Meaning: (Noun) An e-boy is a boy who has an emo style and they express themselves on the internet.
  • Example: I’m an e-boy, so don’t be surprised if all my clothes are black.


  • Meaning: (Noun) Gen-Z kids refer to the word “extra” as a person who lives a high life and has a loud personality.
  • Example: You are talking so extra. Please tone down.



  • Meaning: (Noun) Fam is a shortened term for “family” but is also used to call a close friend.
  • Example: Hey, fam! Let’s hang out today.


  • Meaning: (Verb) Finesse is the way a person manipulates a situation to get what he or she wants.
  • Example: Wow, you have a knack for finesse. You got what you want now.


  • Meaning: (Expression) The word “finna” is a shortened version and Gen-Z slang of “I’m going to” and came from the African American English, which means “fixing to.”
  • Example: Finna head out right now. See yah!



  • Meaning: (Verb) The term “ghosting” was popularized by Gen-Z and is used to describe the action of suddenly disappearing while in the early stages of a romantic relationship. Ghosting is when a person avoids a confrontational matter and just disappears without warning.
  • Example: I can’t believe he is ghosting me! In the first place, he was the one who reached out!

Glow Up

  • Meaning: (Expression) The term “glow up” is one of the positive phrases we use today. It means to go through a positive change, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual changes.
  • Example: The breakup did you good. Your glow-up is undeniable!


  • Meaning: (Acronym) GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time” and is used to describe an incredible person who made a huge and positive impact on many lives.
  • Example: Oh, you’re also following that influencer? She’s the GOAT. I love her content!


  • Meaning: (Noun) Guap is slang for “money” and was first used in New York when selling drugs was the only way to make a hefty sum of money. Now, the term can be heard in rap songs.
  • Example: Looks like you have plenty of guap.



  • Meaning: (Expression) High-key is an expression used when a person wants to emphasize on something important. It is the opposite of low-key.
  • Example: I high-key want to go on a trip with you after finals. You all in?

Hits different

  • Meaning: (Phrase) “Hits different” is one of the phrases that Gen-Z uses often. The phrase means that something makes them feel different compared to other things, so it stands out from the rest.
  • Example: Tasting my mom’s food hits differently all the time.


  • Meaning: (Noun) A hypebeast is a person who will do anything to get the latest fashion and always be in trend. This person owns luxury clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Example: Did you see the hypebeast passing by? I wonder what he does for a living to gain such beautiful and expensive clothes.


I’m baby

  • Meaning: (Expression) When a person says “I’m baby”, he or she means that he or she is innocent and helpless, just like a baby.
  • Example: Stop with all the nasty talks, I’m baby.

I’m dead

  • Meaning: (Expression) The expression “I’m dead” is used when a person laughs so much that he or she could hardly breathe.
  • Example: You are so funny! I’m dead!

I’m weak

  • Meaning: (Expression) “I’m weak” is like “I’m dead” and is used when a person finds something hilarious.
  • Example: That was a good joke. I’m weak!


  • Meaning: (Acronym) IYKYK means “If you know, you know” and is used when two people understand each other by explaining nothing to one another. It is mostly used when two people share an inside joke or when a community has a deep connection.
  • Example: Girl, IYKYK, right?



  • Meaning: (Acronym) The letter L stands for “loser” and is commonly used in gaming or messages.
  • Example: Told you I’d have the highest math test score. L


  • Meaning: (Noun) The term “lewk” is used to describe a person’s personal style. Nowadays, there is significant support for expressing yourself through art and fashion.
  • Example: Own that lewk, Sistah! You are amazing!


  • Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase “living rent-free” is used to describe a situation wherein a person you find attractive (a crush or someone you’re in love with) is always on your mind and occupying your time.
  • Example: I can’t stop my mind from thinking about her. She’s living rent-free in my head!


  • Meaning: (Expression) The expression “Low-key” is when someone does not want too much attention or add emphasis on a topic, so they lie low.
  • Example: I low-key hate this party but will pretend to enjoy it until it’s time to go home.


Main Character

  • Meaning: (Phrase/Noun) A person who is the main character is confident and seems in control of their life. He or she is also well-liked and has good manners.
  • Example: Look at her, I’m sure she’s the main character.


No cap

  • Meaning: (Phrase) The word no cap means to lie. Therefore, you’ll hear the latest-gen saying “no cap” when they insist they are telling the truth.
  • Example: No cap, I saw them entering a hotel last night.



  • Meaning: (Expression) The word “periodt” is a more intense version of “period” and it gives emphasis on how strongly a person wants to end a conversation.
  • Example: Do not contradict me. Periodt.


  • Meaning: (Verb) Being pressed is being upset or angry about a person or situation.
  • Example: Explain to me why you are very pressed with me.



  • Meaning: (Verb) The term “salty” is used when a person is overly jealous of another person.
  • Example: Why are you being salty? He means nothing to me.

Sending me

  • Meaning: (Phrase) “Sending me” is a term used when you find someone or something hilarious.
  • Example: I’ll show you a video. It’s sending me every time I watch it!


  • Meaning: (Expression) “Sheesh” is a popular expression used when a person wants to hype up another person. This expression is the same as “daaamn.”
  • Example: She’s so hot, bro. Sheesh.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word “slaps” is used to describe an exceptional person, thing, or situation.
  • Example: This getaway is slaps, man! We should do this more often.


  • Meaning: (Noun) A simp is a person who does a lot of things, for the person they like, which can be too much.
  • Example: Stop being a simp. She doesn’t like you back.

Sip Tea

  • Meaning: (Expression) Sip tea is an expression used when a person is sitting back and listening to gossip instead of the one talking. It is the opposite of spilling tea.
  • Example: I’ll just be in my room, sippin’ tea with my girls.


  • Meaning: (Noun) The term “sis” is a shortened version of “sister” and is used as an affectionate greeting to a person’s good friend. It is commonly used by a group of girlfriends.
  • Example: I love your hair, sis! Where did you get your hair done?


  • Meaning: (Adjective) “Smol” is used when a person finds something tiny and adorable at the same time.
  • Example: OMG, your dog is so smol! I love it!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word “snack” is the new “fit” or “hot” in today’s generation. When you find a person exceptionally attractive, he or she is a snack.
  • Example: You look like a snack, girl!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) When someone is snatched, it means that they look superb, especially with what they are wearing at the moment.
  • Example: Wow, you are snatched!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The word “stan” is a combination of the words “stalker” and “fan”, which is used when a person is obsessing over a public figure, but not in a weird way.
  • Example: I didn’t know you were such a stan of BTS!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) Sus is short for “suspicious” and is used when a person or situation is unexplainable and gives off the wrong vibe.
  • Example: I’m not sure I want to go. One of your newfound friends is sus.


  • Meaning: (Adjective) Steez is one of the new words used to describe a person with an elite style but seems effortless in doing so.
  • Example: Look at her! She’s a steez.


Take Several Seats

  • Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase “take several seats” means a person is doing too much and causing unnecessary attention. Therefore, needs to take a seat and stop acting stupidly.
  • Example: Do you want to experience the cancel culture? If not, then take several seats!


  • Meaning: (Acronym) TBH stands for “To Be Honest” and is used when a person wants to tell the truth or his own opinion even if it might be a little harsh.
  • Example: TBH, I never liked him so it’s not your loss he left.


  • Meaning: (Acronym) TFW means “That Feeling When” and is used when you are describing a certain feeling for a certain situation.
  • Example: TFW there’s a holiday and you can enjoy the long weekend.

This ain’t it, chief.

  • Meaning: (Expression) The expression “This ain’t it, chief” is a way of expressing disapproval of something or a situation.
  • Example: This ain’t it, chief. I’m out.


Vibe check

  • Meaning: (Expression)Vibe check is when you are checking if a person’s mood or vibe is good or not.
  • Example: Vibe check, everyone! I don’t want your negativity rubbing on me this weekend.



  • Meaning: (Acronym) W means “win” and is used in gaming or messages. When you win a game, you can type the letter W to let others know you won a game.
  • Example: Nice try, everyone. Later! W


  • Meaning: (Noun) A whip in Gen Z slang means “car.”
  • Example: Nice whip, bro. Did you customize it?


  • Meaning: (Noun) The term “wig” is used when there is something amazing that blows you away.
  • Example: Your pitch is wig. I’m all for it!


  • Meaning: (Adjective) The term “woke” refers to a person who is aware of his or her community, especially when they get involved in political, environmental, and economic issues.
  • Example: It is actually good and helpful to society to be woke,



  • Meaning: (Expression) Yeet is another African American vernacular English that is synonymous with the word “yes.”
  • Example: Yeet, let’s go. We’re already late.

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