101 Greek Business Name Ideas: Boost Your Brand with Unique and Meaningful Names

Always check Trademarks and existing business names before starting a new business. This post only meant be used for ideas and inspiration.

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Looking to start a business with a touch of Greek flair? You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated 101 Greek business name ideas that not only capture the essence of Greek culture but also have the potential to elevate your brand’s identity. Get ready to discover names that are not only unique but also rich in meaning, helping you make a lasting impression in your chosen industry.

Olive Grove Emporium

Meaning: The name invokes the rich tradition of olive cultivation in Greece, symbolizing peace, prosperity, and the Mediterranean way of life. It’s a perfect fit for an artisanal shop offering olive-based products and Mediterranean delicacies.

Athena’s Elegance Boutique

Meaning: Named after the goddess of wisdom and warfare, this boutique represents wisdom, grace, and strength. It’s an ideal choice for a high-end fashion store or an elegant establishment.

Dionysus Delights Winery

Meaning: Dionysus is the god of wine and celebration, making this name ideal for a winery. It embodies the joy and indulgence associated with fine wines and vineyard experiences.

Hellenic Heritage Crafts

Meaning: “Hellenic” refers to the ancient Greek culture, emphasizing tradition and craftsmanship. This name suits a business that creates and preserves Greek cultural artifacts and crafts.

Zeus & Co. Consulting

Meaning: Zeus is the king of the gods, symbolizing authority and wisdom. Using this name for a consulting firm implies expertise, leadership, and powerful solutions.

Apollo’s Artistry Studio

Meaning: Apollo is the god of arts and knowledge. This name conveys creativity, artistry, and a commitment to excellence, making it suitable for an art studio or creative agency.

Parthenon Pottery Palace

Meaning: The Parthenon is an iconic symbol of Greek architecture. This name reflects elegance and craftsmanship, making it a great choice for a pottery shop specializing in refined ceramics.

Poseidon’s Seafood Grill

Meaning: Poseidon is the god of the sea. This name evokes the freshness and abundance of seafood, making it a fitting option for a seafood restaurant that offers ocean-inspired dishes.

Gaia’s Greenhouse

Meaning: Gaia is the earth goddess, representing nature and growth. This name is perfect for a botanical garden or plant nursery, emphasizing environmental stewardship and natural beauty.

Pegasus Printing Services

Meaning: Pegasus is a legendary winged horse. This name suggests speed, precision, and innovation, making it a suitable choice for a printing and graphics company.

Olympus Outdoor Adventures

Meaning: Olympus is the mythical home of the gods. This name conveys grandeur and adventure, making it an excellent fit for an outdoor activity and adventure company.

Delphi Delicatessen

Meaning: Delphi is associated with ancient oracles. This name signifies wisdom and fine taste, making it suitable for a gourmet delicatessen with exquisite offerings.

Helios Solar Solutions

Meaning: Helios is the sun god, symbolizing energy and light. This name is apt for a solar energy company, emphasizing renewable energy solutions and sustainability.

Atlas Atlas Travel Agency

Meaning: Atlas is a titan who held up the heavens. Using “Atlas” twice suggests reliability and comprehensive service, making it a good choice for a travel agency that takes care of all travel needs.

Hermes Delivery Services

Meaning: Hermes is the messenger god, known for speed and efficiency. This name implies swift and reliable delivery services, a perfect fit for a courier or logistics company.

Pantheon Pet Care

Meaning: A pantheon is a temple dedicated to all gods. This name conveys inclusivity and care, making it ideal for a pet care facility that caters to various animals and their needs.

Nectar of the Vineyard

Meaning: Nectar is the drink of the gods. This name represents the finest wines and vineyard products, emphasizing quality and indulgence.

Medusa Medspa

Meaning: Medusa is a mythological figure known for her beauty. This name suggests beauty and transformation, making it a great choice for a medical spa offering rejuvenation services.

Persephone’s Florist

Meaning: Persephone is the queen of the underworld and spring. This name symbolizes rebirth and floral beauty, a perfect fit for a flower shop with a diverse selection.

Cyclops Construction

Meaning: Cyclops is a one-eyed giant known for strength. This name conveys durability and precision, suitable for a construction company known for solid craftsmanship.

Hydra Health Clinic

Meaning: The hydra is a mythological serpent. This name suggests healthcare that addresses multiple needs, making it a good choice for a comprehensive health clinic.

Socrates Bookstore

Meaning: Socrates was a renowned philosopher. This name signifies wisdom and knowledge, making it ideal for a bookstore that offers intellectual nourishment.

Muses Music Academy

Meaning: The Muses are goddesses of the arts. This name emphasizes creativity and excellence, making it a great choice for a music academy.

Olympus Optometry

Meaning: Olympus is associated with gods and clarity. This name suggests precision and vision care, suitable for an optometry clinic.

Icarus Airlines

Meaning: Icarus is known for his flight. This name symbolizes travel and exploration, making it an excellent choice for an airline company.

Atlas Atlas Mapping Solutions

Meaning: “Atlas” repeated signifies comprehensive mapping. This name emphasizes accuracy and mapping expertise, perfect for a cartography and mapping service.

Demeter’s Farm Fresh Market

Meaning: Demeter is the goddess of agriculture. This name conveys freshness and quality, making it a suitable option for a farmers’ market.

Elysium Event Planning

Meaning: Elysium is a paradise in Greek mythology. This name suggests luxury and perfection, ideal for an event planning company that creates dream events.

Hades Hauling & Logistics

Meaning: Hades is the god of the underworld. This name conveys the efficiency and precision needed in logistics, making it a suitable choice for a transportation and logistics company.

Nike Sportswear

Meaning: Nike is the goddess of victory. This name represents excellence and victory, making it a fitting choice for a sportswear brand.

Acropolis Architecture

Meaning: The Acropolis is an iconic symbol of Greek architecture. This name emphasizes architectural expertise and grandeur, ideal for an architectural firm.

Lyric Lyre Music Store

Meaning: The lyre is a musical instrument. This name signifies musicality and melody, making it suitable for a music store with a focus on stringed instruments.

Ares Armory

Meaning: Ares is the god of war. This name conveys strength and weaponry, making it a good fit for a firearms and armory business.

Aphrodite Beauty Salon

Meaning: Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. This name suggests beauty and elegance, making it a perfect choice for a beauty salon.

Ouzo Distillery

Meaning: Ouzo is a traditional Greek spirit. This name represents the unique and flavorful nature of ouzo production.

Marathon Fitness Center

Meaning: The Marathon is an iconic race in Greece. This name conveys endurance and fitness, making it suitable for a fitness center.

Argonauts Adventure Tours

Meaning: The Argonauts embarked on an epic adventure. This name signifies exciting and adventurous journeys, making it an ideal choice for a tour company.

Artemis Archery Range

Meaning: Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. This name suggests precision and archery skills, perfect for an archery range.

Eirene Peace Mediators

Meaning: Eirene is the goddess of peace. This name conveys peacemaking and conflict resolution, ideal for a mediation and dispute resolution service.

Sisyphus Stone Masonry

Meaning: Sisyphus was punished to roll a stone uphill forever. This name signifies dedication and craftsmanship, making it suitable for a stone masonry business.

Iris Art Gallery

Meaning: Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. This name represents color and artistic expression, making it a great choice for an art gallery.

Zephyrus Wind Energy

Meaning: Zephyrus is the god of the west wind. This name symbolizes renewable energy and wind power, ideal for a wind energy company.

Minerva Consulting Group

Meaning: Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. This name suggests intelligence and expertise, making it a suitable choice for a consulting group.

Dionysus Drama Academy

Meaning: Dionysus is associated with theater and celebration. This name signifies dramatic arts and creativity, perfect for a drama academy.

Hydra Hydroponics

Meaning: The hydra is a mythical serpent. This name suggests innovative and efficient hydroponic gardening solutions.

Hestia Home Decor

Meaning: Hestia is the goddess of the hearth. This name conveys warmth and homey comfort, making it an ideal choice for a home decor store.

Prometheus Technology Solutions

Meaning: Prometheus brought fire and knowledge to humanity. This name symbolizes innovation and technological advancement, perfect for a tech solutions company.

Perseus Pest Control

Meaning: Perseus defeated monsters. This name signifies protection and pest control expertise, making it a great choice for a pest control service.

Aegean Aquatics

Meaning: The Aegean Sea is known for its clear waters. This name represents aquatic activities and marine adventures.

Phoebe Photography Studio

Meaning: Phoebe is associated with light. This name signifies photography and artistic illumination, ideal for a photography studio.

Helios Helicopter Tours

Meaning: Helios is the sun god. This name suggests thrilling helicopter tours and sunny adventures.

Triton Seafood Market

Meaning: Triton is a sea god. This name conveys fresh seafood and oceanic offerings, perfect for a seafood market.

Euterpe Music School

Meaning: Euterpe is one of the Muses. This name symbolizes musical education and artistic inspiration, making it an excellent choice for a music school.

Elysian Estates Realty

Meaning: Elysian Estates is a paradise. This name suggests luxurious real estate and dream homes.

Harmonia Harmony Spa

Meaning: Harmonia is the goddess of harmony. This name conveys relaxation and well-being, perfect for a spa.

Cyclops Security Systems

Meaning: Cyclops is known for vigilance. This name symbolizes security and protection, making it a suitable choice for a security system company.

Panacea Pharmacy

Meaning: Panacea is the goddess of healing. This name signifies pharmaceutical care and wellness solutions, ideal for a pharmacy.

Gaia Gastronomy

Meaning: Gaia is the earth goddess. This name represents eco-friendly gastronomy and sustainable food practices.

Medea Magic Shop

Meaning: Medea was a sorceress. This name signifies magical products and enchanting experiences, perfect for a magic shop.

Echo Eco-Friendly Products

Meaning: Echo represents nature’s voice. This name symbolizes environmentally conscious and sustainable products.

Nereus Nautical Supplies

Meaning: Nereus is a sea god. This name conveys nautical and marine supplies, ideal for a marine supply store.

Calliope Calligraphy Studio

Meaning: Calliope is one of the Muses. This name signifies artistic calligraphy and creative expression, perfect for a calligraphy studio.

Hermes Couriers

Meaning: Hermes is the messenger god. This name suggests fast and reliable courier services, ideal for a courier company.

Parthenon Pillars Construction

Meaning: The Parthenon is an iconic structure. This name symbolizes strong and enduring construction, perfect for a construction company.

Eirene Yoga Studio

Meaning: Eirene is the goddess of peace. This name conveys peaceful and balanced yoga practice, ideal for a yoga studio.

Olympus Observatory

Meaning: Olympus is associated with the heavens. This name signifies astronomical observation and cosmic exploration, suitable for an observatory.

Siren Song Recording Studio

Meaning: Sirens are known for their enchanting songs. This name represents music recording and captivating sounds, perfect for a recording studio.

Phaeton Auto Repair

Meaning: Phaeton is known for driving the sun chariot. This name suggests automotive expertise and reliable auto repair services.

Icarus Paragliding Adventures

Meaning: Icarus represents flight. This name signifies exhilarating paragliding adventures and airborne experiences.

Aegis Insurance Group

Meaning: Aegis is a protective shield. This name symbolizes insurance protection and security.

Helicon Poetry Cafe

Meaning: Helicon is a sacred mountain of the Muses. This name signifies a cafe that celebrates poetry and artistic expression.

Demeter’s Bakery

Meaning: Demeter is the goddess of agriculture. This name conveys freshly baked goods and delicious treats, perfect for a bakery.

Parnassus Publishing House

Meaning: Parnassus is a sacred mountain of literature. This name represents literary excellence and publishing expertise.

Themis Legal Services

Meaning: Themis is the goddess of justice. This name signifies legal expertise and fair legal services, perfect for a law firm.

Hesperides Garden Center

Meaning: The Hesperides guarded a golden apple tree. This name suggests a garden center with unique and treasured plant offerings.

Triton Trident Diving School

Meaning: Triton is a sea god. This name signifies underwater adventures and diving instruction, ideal for a diving school.

Pan’s Pantry

Meaning: Pan is the god of the wild. This name conveys a pantry filled with natural and wild culinary delights.

Sappho Fashion Boutique

Meaning: Sappho was an ancient Greek poetess. This name symbolizes style and fashion inspired by poetry and elegance.

Chronos Watch Repair

Meaning: Chronos is the god of time. This name suggests expertise in watch repair and timekeeping precision.

Hera Wedding Planners

Meaning: Hera is the goddess of marriage. This name signifies expert wedding planning and matrimonial services.

Maia Marketing Solutions

Meaning: Maia is one of the Pleiades. This name suggests marketing expertise and creative solutions.

Chiron Chiropractic Care

Meaning: Chiron is a wise centaur known for healing. This name conveys chiropractic care and wellness.

Tantalus Food Truck

Meaning: Tantalus was known for his punishment related to food. This name signifies tantalizing and delicious food truck offerings.

Calypso Cruise Lines

Meaning: Calypso is a sea nymph. This name represents luxurious cruise experiences and tropical adventures.

Asclepius Health Clinic

Meaning: Asclepius is the god of healing. This name symbolizes healthcare and medical expertise.

Orpheus Music Store

Meaning: Orpheus was a legendary musician. This name signifies a music store with enchanting instruments and musical products.

Dion Fortune Teller

Meaning: Dion is associated with the divine. This name suggests mystical and insightful fortune-telling services.

Atlas Atlas Atlas World Travel

Meaning: “Atlas” repeated emphasizes comprehensive global travel. This name signifies a world travel agency that takes care of every travel detail.

Eirene Interiors

Meaning: Eirene is the goddess of peace. This name conveys serene and harmonious interior design services.

Ares Gym and Fitness

Meaning: Ares is the god of war and strength. This name signifies a fitness center focused on building power and endurance.

Pygmalion Sculpture Studio

Meaning: Pygmalion was a sculptor who brought his creation to life. This name represents sculptural artistry and creativity.

Callisto Cosmetics

Meaning: Callisto is associated with beauty. This name suggests cosmetic products inspired by natural beauty and radiance.

Lysander Locksmith

Meaning: Lysander represents freedom. This name conveys locksmith services that provide security and freedom of access.

Nyx Nightclub

Meaning: Nyx is the goddess of the night. This name signifies a nightclub with a captivating and immersive nightlife experience.

Prometheus Fire Safety

Meaning: Prometheus brought fire to humanity. This name symbolizes fire safety expertise and prevention services.

Terpsichore Dance Academy

Meaning: Terpsichore is one of the Muses. This name signifies a dance academy that celebrates artistic expression and movement.

Pegasus Pizzeria

Meaning: Pegasus is a winged horse. This name suggests a pizzeria known for its flying-delivery and delicious pizzas.

Oceanus Aquarium

Meaning: Oceanus is the titan of the sea. This name conveys an aquarium filled with marine wonders and oceanic exhibits.

Antigone Antiques

Meaning: Antigone is a tragic figure from Greek mythology. This name signifies an antique store with unique and historical treasures.

Themis Legal Consultants

Meaning: Themis is the goddess of justice. This name conveys legal expertise and consulting services for fair justice.

Selene Moonlight Cafe

Meaning: Selene is the goddess of the moon. This name represents a cafe with a serene and enchanting ambiance, perfect for moonlit evenings.

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