Main Character Slang: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples

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(Noun) The term “main character” is a person that is confident and is in control of his or her own life. People as such are noticeable because of how they carry themselves.


The main character is a new Gen Z slang popularized on TikTok by users @lexapro_lesbian and @ashlaward made TikTok videos about being the main character in their neighborhood.

Demographic (Who Uses This Word)

You’ll most likely see the term “main character” on social media platforms like TikTok. Plenty of content creators use this to help encourage others to experience life the way they want to.

Main Character Used in a Sentence

  • Example 1: I can tell who the main character is in our classroom.
  • Example 1: I won’t apologize for being the main character because this is my story.

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