Mexican Slang for a White Person

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The Mexican vocabulary offers a huge selection of words that can refer to a white person. Mexican Slang can provide complex, creative, and unique ways of referring to white people.

Down below, we will show you a list of Mexican Slang Words for a White Person, their context and meaning, and how to properly use them

A Word of Caution

Mexican slang offers a vast variety of words that can be used to refer to a white person with different meanings and contexts, but some of these words may be quite negative.

Be sure to read thoroughly to prevent misuse and misunderstanding. 

Mexican Slang Words for a White Person



  • (Noun): A white foreign person, usually from the United States. This term is widely used that even Americans refer to themselves this way when speaking to Mexicans. 
  • Example: Gringo, you do like to drink lots of tequila every Cinco de Mayo!
  • Example: That gringa can be annoying and condescending but I think she means well



  • (Noun): A person with light complexion and blond hair. 
  • Example: Antonio is dating Patty now, a guera he works with. They look good together.
  • Example: Guero, you need to try this Mexican place two blocks from here because they have the best tacos. 



  • A little white boy/girl
  • Example: Taking care of this guerito is no small matter, his energy never goes down.
  • Example: This guerita takes after her Swedish father.



  • (Noun): a somewhat pejorative term that means a pale-skinned person, but can also mean a particular type of bread
  • Example: That rich kid is a spoiled bolilo that has never worked under the sun.

Wrap Up

Mexican slang provides a unique way of communicating and referring to a white person. Use it well with proper context and attention as some of these may be derogatory in nature.

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