Mexican Slang for Homie (And How to Use Them)

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In English, "homie” is a slang that one uses to refer to, call out, or address a close friend or acquaintance. But other languages also have their equivalent, and Mexican Spanish is no exception.

Mexican slang offers a variety of unique and intricate words or phrases that you can use to spice up your vocabulary. And there are plenty of Mexican slang phrases or words for your “homies”.

Read the list below to found out!

Word of Caution

Some of these words or phrases usually mean well. However, like homie, it might have some nuances you should be aware of to avoid offending or insulting anyone. Now, let’s begin.

Mexican Slang for Homie



  • (Noun) It means pal or buddy, but typically used among unmarried people.
  • Example:  She's out with her amigachas tonight.



  • (Noun): Literally, cabrón means male goat but it is usually used to mean "dumbass" or "bastard". However, it is also used among friends to refer to one another endearingly or playfully. Use this only with someone you're really close with. 
  • Example: Hey, cabrón! You gotta look presentable when you come by the house or my parents won't let you in.



  • (Noun): Comes from carne, which translates to flesh or blood, hence used to refer to someone close, similar to cuate. 
  • Example: You don't have to ask if you wanna come over. You're basically family, carnal.



  • (Noun): Originally short for compañero, which is Spanish for "companion". It's similar to buddy in English.
  • Example: It's been a while, compa! Let's have a beer and catch up.



  • (Noun): In English, it means twin or closest friend. Cuate is usually used to refer to someone who is like family in their closeness to you.
  • Example: Just because I'm moving away doesn't mean I'm gonna forget you, cuate.



  • (Noun) Literally means "man" and can be used like homie or homeboy in a casual conversation, similar to how "man" is also used in English.
  • Example: Hombre, you can't just keep making excuses about everything. You gotta start doing something too.



  • (Noun): Directly refers to a bro or dude, used to call out to a guy, even not so close ones.
  • Example: : I'm starving, güey, do you want to go someplace for lunch?



  • (Noun): Short for hermano, which means brother.
  • Example. If I were you, mano, I'd swallow my pride and talk to her to fix things.

Wrap Up

And those are the most common Mexican slang to refer to a homie. Mexican Spanish is full of creative ways to refer to a homie, but as we already pointed out before, be careful about which ones you use. Although these words and expressions are mostly positive, they may offend others if used the wrong way.

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