Mexican Slang for Money (And How to Use Them)

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Money is literally dinero in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. But just like in English, there are other ways to say it too. 

Mexican slang is used commonly in daily conversations. They denote an underlying context, creativity, and intricacy. There are thousands of Mexican slang words that you can use to spice up your vocabulary.

In this article, we will be focusing on Mexican slang words for money. This includes a description and an example on how to use them.

Be careful when using them!

Mexican slang is very creative and meaningful but it may have some underlying nuance that may be offensive or insulting to some.

Be careful and smart when using them. Only use them when you are sure about the situation and the context.

Now, lets get on with the list.

Mexican Slang Words for Money



  • (Noun): Literally a collection of loose, useless things, morralla in Mexico is used to refer to coins or pocket change.
  • Example: I've worked my ass off in this firm for many years now and all I make is morralla.



  • (Noun): Coins
  • Examples: You can't use the vending machine with those bills; it only takes feria.



  • (Noun): Literally means silver but can be used as a slang for dinero or money 
  • Example: Forget it, I don't intend to spend mucha plata for one party. 



  • (Noun): Money; alternative forms: biyuya, billullo, billuzo
  • Example: When I was a kid, un niño pequeño, I would stare at the sky and wish it would rain biyuyo.



  • (Noun): Literally means wool but as a slang, it generally means currency, money, dough, or dinero.
  • Example: I heard Gabriel spent mucha lana for his wedding with that young actress.



  • (Noun): money, cash, or bills
  • Example: I don't have all the pasta in the world to buy her everything she asks for.

Wrap Up

And so, those are the Mexican slang words that can be used as substitute for money or dinero. Remember them the next time you want to be creative when talking about cash.

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