Mexican Slang for No Problem (And How to Use Them)

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"No problem" is a very handy expression in English. It is used to say that something is no big deal, showing goodwill to another. In Spanish, the literal translation is no hay problema, but there exist many Mexican slang words and phrases expressing the same meaning.

In this post, we will be looking at some phrases, words, or responses in Mexican slang that correspond or are similar to "no problem” or “no hay problema.” We will only be focusing on Mexican slang words that are commonly used in casual conversations so that you may be able to use them too.


Mexican slang words are very inventive and complex in terms of their origin and use. Please be advised to use them at the right place and time. It might be possible that some of them may have some underlying insults so use with caution.

Now that that’s out of the way, enjoy reading!

Mexican Slang Words for No Problem

No Hay Pedo


  • (Expression) Literally means “There is no fart.” It is a somewhat vulgar way of saying “no worries” or “there is no problem.” Pedo, meaning fart or drunk, is a very common slang in Mexico. 
  • Example: No hay pedo! You can live with us until you find a job or figure something out.

No Hay Bronca


  • (Expression): A slang phrase that says “there is no issue” or “there is no dispute.” Bronca means fight, problem, or argument in Mexico.
  • Example: Person A: Really sorry, I would have invited you to the party but I totally forgot. Person B: No hay pedo. It can happen to anybody.

No Te Preocupes


  • (Expression): Used casually as “no worries”.
  • Example: Oye, I know you're worried. But I've driven in the snow many times before, so no te preocupes.

No Pasa Nada


  •  (Expression): Directly translates to “nothing happens.” It can be used to say “don’t worry about it” or “it doesn’t matter.”
  • Example: Person A: I'm stuck in traffic and will be late for an hour, so sorry. Person B: No pasa nada, I'll be at the coffeeshop waiting."



  • (Expression): This means calm, tranquil, or peaceful. It can be used as a slang that says “relax,” “ease up,” “calm down,” or “no worries.”
  • Example: Tranquilo, my friend. Your brother will have a successful surgery.

Calmao Venao


  • (Expression): Literally, “calm deer.” It's a pun from the English expression, "calm, dear." It can mean “It’s okay” or “It’s fine so calm down, dear.”
  • Example: Calmao Venao. The surgery went successfully.

Wrap Up

Those were the Mexican slang words and expressions that can be used to say “no problem.” Be creative and experiment with your vocabulary. Be careful as well as some may be vulgar.

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