Mexican Slang with the Word Madre (And What They Mean)

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Madre is such an innocent and divine word in Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. Originally meaning mother, it is such a commonly used word that it has morphed into various expressions with totally unrelated meanings. Mexican slang, in particular, contains a large number of phrases that use madre either in a polite or a vulgar manner.

Proceed with Caution....

The word madre, when used in the context of colloquial expressions and slang, can denote various meaning that may not have anything to do with one's mother. Some usage can be very vulgar, insulting, and downright offensive.

Use them with caution and proper context. Don’t be excessive and utilize them at the appropriate time and place. Let’s begin!

Mexican Slang with the Word Madre

A Toda Madre


  • (Expression): It means “a full mother.” Although it might sound vulgar, this expression is in fact very positive, the Mexican equivalent of "freaking awesome".
  • Example: Thanks for your kind words. Eres a toda madre!

Chinga Tu Madre


  • (Expression): “Screw your mom” when translated. Used as a vulgar insult that is aimed at one’s mother.
  • Example: Chinga Tu Madre! You’re just making excuses again.

La Madre Que Te Parió


  • (Expression) Direct translation is “The mom who birthed you.” It is used as a curse of anger or condemnation. It is similar to “son of a bitch” and is very vulgar to use.
  • Example: You had better have a reason for not returning my calls. La madre que te parió!

Madre Mia


  • (Expression) Literally translates to “my mother.” As a slang, it is used in a similar way as “Good Lord” or “Good Heavens” which denotes shock or awe.
  • Example: Madre Mia! I can't believe he actually left his kids just like that. 

Me Vale Madre


  • (Expression): While its literal translation may seem nice (it means like a mother to me), it actually is an offensive insult. It means “I don’t give a damn” or “I don’t care.”
  • Example: You can do whatever the hell you want! Me Vale Madre!

Partir La Madre


  • (Expression): In English, this means “halving your mom.” As a slang, it means to “kick your butt” or “beat you up.”
  • Example: Don’t touch me or te voy a partir la madre.

Puta Madre


  • (Expression): It is a rude and indecent phrase usually used when in anger, pain, or frustration. It directly means “Whore Mother” or “Prostitute Mom.” Similar in usage to “Motherfucker.” 
  • Example: Puta Madre! No one lies to me!

Tu Madre


  • (Expression): Literally means “your mother.” It is similar to the use of “your mama” as a joke or insult in English.
  • Example: You know who else is ugly and round? Tu madre!


As you've probably realized by now, the word madre, though innocent, can be used creatively in many Mexican slang words and expressions. But to reiterate, be careful when using them. Context matters.

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