Mexican Slang Words for a Girl (And How to Use Them)

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Ever wondered what Mexican Slang words you can use to point out or refer to a girl you know or you just met? Do you want to use endearing words for your girl friends? Mexican Slang provides a unique and complex avenue for speaking and conversing. 

Mexican slang words are numbered up to the thousands and have complex and creative meanings behind them. If you want to go ahead and casually refer to a girl, or simply be able to understand your Mexican friend or colleague, this might be for you. 

For this post, we will be enumerating Mexican slang words and teaching you how to use them well. 

Be wary and attentive to their meanings…

Mexican slang is complex, unique, and versatile. This list of words refers to a girl or woman but not necessarily in a positive light. 

Some of these words may be offensive or insulting. Be smart when using them and use them properly. Read carefully and understand the meaning and usage that we will provide here.

Mexican Slang Words for a Girl



  • (Adjective): Tomboyish or refers to someone that has the characteristics of a tomboy.
  • Example: She wears jeans and sneakers and has a cap on all the time, a real machetona.



  • (Noun): Pertains to a girl with emphasis to their youngness.
  • Examples: She likes to do adult things but she’s a morra.



  • (Noun): A sexy and attractive lady 
  • Example: Hey Mami, you’re looking fine tonight.



  • (Noun): Means a young girl, often used by older people to refer to younger women.
  • Example: Chava, are you not too young to be going out this late?



  • (Noun): Used to denote a young girl who is like a brat, punk, or a problem.
  • Example This chamaca better stay put or her mom's going to give her an earful.



  • (Noun): An immature and annoying teenage girl
  • Example: As kids grow into teenagers, they really become a huerca that will drive you crazy.

Mujer Caliente


  • (Noun): A hot and young woman that just turn heads
  • Example: Jaws drop when they see that mujer caliente walking and shaking her butt

Chica Calliente


  • (Noun): A promiscuous woman; a woman that's known to sleep around.
  • Example: Her boyfriend is very loyal to him, but we all know that she is an ungrateful chica caliente.

Wrap Up

So those are the Mexican slangs you can use for your girls, friends or enemies. Use them wisely and accordingly. Remember which ones are compliments and which ones are insults.

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