Mexican Slang Word for Cool (And How to Use Them)

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Cool! It’s a slang word you say when something or someone is awesome, neat, or fine. The word cool is a somewhat reaction word that can mean a lot of different things. But just like in English, there are also multiple ways to say it using Mexican slang.

There are various phrases in the Mexican slang vocabulary utilized to substitute for cool.

Mexican slang offers thousands of different words and phrases made with creativity, complexity, and nuance. This includes Mexican slang for cool.

In the list below, you will know about these Mexican slang words for cool and how to use them. Read and learn below.


Anyone can use these Mexican slang words to spice up and transform their vocabulary. However, one should be cautious as some of these words can have double meaning which might be an insult or is offensive. Use these words at the right time, place, and context.

Let’s begin.

Mexican Slang Words for Cool



  • (Adjective): Literally translates to cool. It is used to point out something good or fine. It can also be used to express thanks. However, in some context, it can show displeasure.
  • Example: That man showed me how to get to your place. Que chido.



  • (Expression) roughly translates to awesome and amazing. Its use is similar to the phrase “cool as hell.” 
  • Example: Wow, that's a fast car you bought yourself. Chingon!



  • (Expression): It is used in to say “Okay” or “Fine.” It generally means agreement to a statement.
  • Example: So we need to go wake up early for the event? Sale.



  • (Adjective): Suave directly means smooth in Mexico. It is said when someone is nice, charming, or is good with people. It can also mean that someone is cool, calm, composed, and fine to be with.
  • Example: My bets friend is going to be my best man; un hombre tan suave.

Buena Onda


  •  It means having a good vibe or a chill energy. Relaxing, calming, and cool are its English counterparts.
  • Example: This office is buena onda. I haven’t felt this way about a job for a long time.



  •  (Adjective) Literally means father. It can be used to describe someone who is great and cool as a person. It can also mean disbelief and displeasure in some uses.
  • Example: I watched that new Cuaron movie last night. Que padre.

Poca Madre


  • (Expression) In English, it means motherless. It is usually used as an insult or curse but in conversations, it can mean cool, like how words like “bad” or “hell” can be used to describe something good or amazing.
  • Example: The talent show the kids put on last Friday was poca madre.


Those were the Mexican slang words for cool. Use them wisely and properly. Be careful with the ones that have some insulting and offensive use. Hopefully, you can use these words is a suave way.

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