Most of the Nouns That End in an O are Singular (Top 10)

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There are tons of words that people learn about every day, so it’s confusing for some to identify whether these words are nouns, adjectives, or verbs. But, we listed the top 10 nouns that end in O and you’ll notice that they are all singular nouns, so check them out below!

Most of the Nouns That End in an O are Singular (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A formerly large constellation situated between Canis Major and Southern Cross.

  • Example: Why did they divide Argo into three different constellations? It looks cool as a whole.



  • (Noun) A small role in a film that is played by an A-list star. It is also a piece of jewelry with an oval shape with a painting or image of a person in the middle. 

  • Example: This movie has a great cameo and this is what people are waiting for.



  • (Noun) A duo is also known as a duet or a pair of people or things that is usually found in theater arts.

  • Example: You two are the star duo of the season, so break a leg!



  • (Noun) A soft sound that is a repetition of an original sound due to the reflection of sound waves that bounces off the surface.

  • Example: You can produce an echo in this part of the cave.



  • (Noun) A unit of measurement in the metric system that consists of 1,000 grams.

  • Example: How much is a kilo of ham these days?



  • (Noun) A rope with a noose tied to the end that is used to catch animals like bulls.

  • Example: Can you help me learn how to tie a lasso?



  • (Noun) A thing that is kept as a souvenir to remind a person of a special occasion he or she attended.

  • Example: I’ll keep this glass as a memento of this wonderful holiday.



  • (Noun) An event that features calf riding, bronco riding, steer wrestling, and many more.

  • Example: I heard that there will be a rodeo next year



  • (Noun) A vehicle with a turbo-charger for ultra-fast speed.

  • Example: I upgraded my car and added a turbo so I can compete next year.



  • (Noun) A religious practice in the Caribbean inspired by Catholic rituals and African magical rites.

  • Example: Why are you so enthralled be voodoo?

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