New York Slang Bodega Meaning (And How to Use it Correctly)

In some other countries, such as Spain, the word bodega is used in reference to shops that sell wine. This is definitely not true in New York City, where the word has an entirely different meaning.

If you’re in New York, it helps to understand what locals are saying. That’s why we’ve created this site as a slang resource center.

In this particular post, we’ll be looking at the meaning of bodega as New York slang, as well as providing you with an example so you know how to use it right.

What Does Bodega Mean in New York Slang?

If you’re visiting New York and you hear someone say they’re running to the bodega, chances are, they’re not going to get a bottle of wine. What they mean is they’re going to a small grocery store.

Bodegas are more like convenience stores than full-sized grocery stores or super centers. You can usually get a small range of household essentials, foods, and snacks in them, making them the perfect place to stop if you have a craving for a particular snack or you forgot something while doing your weekly shopping.

Examples of How to Use Bodega

Bodega is a noun that references a particular type of store. When you say it, you’ll be using it to describe a certain location.

In a typical conversation, using the word bodega could look like this:

“Are you going to the bodega? Would you mind getting me some chocolate?”

It could also look like this:

Person 1: “Where does your aunt work these days?”

Person 2: “She just got a job as a cashier at the bodega on the corner.”

Wrap Up

Because New York is so diverse, you’ll hear a lot of unique words and phrases whenever you’re there. It can almost seem like the people around you are speaking a foreign language entirely.

If you ever hear a word you don’t know, be sure to take a look at our site. We keep an in-depth list of New York slang words here, and we constantly add to it as we learn more. Keep checking back for more information on slang words used in New York.

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