New York Slang Words for Beautiful (And How to Use them)

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It’s no secret that people from New York basically speak their own slang language. Watch any videos or talk to a native New Yorker for long, and you’ll be confused by a lot of what you hear if you’re not familiar with the terms.

While many of those terms can be negative, there also quite a few that can be used to be describe positive things. Today, we’ll be looking at New York slang words for beautiful, as well as how you can use them in your own daily conversations.

A Quick Disclaimer

First, we’d like to point out that we took some liberty with the word “beautiful” in this post. We selected five slang words that can be used to describe an attractive person in some way.

Not all of the words mean “beautiful,” per se, but are in some way related to someone’s physical attractiveness. Make sure to pay attention to the definitions and examples to be sure you’re getting the gist of the word.

If you’d like to learn more New York slang words, take a look at our ultimate guide to New York slang.

New York Slang Words for Beautiful



  • (Adjective): Hot, gorgeous, or stunning. Someone who’s got a look that can turn heads.
  • Example: “Dang, that shorty over there is fire.”

Dime Piece


  • (Noun): A beautiful or attractive woman.
  • Example: “Bro, did you see that dime piece in the bodega?”



  • (Adjective): A term used to describe someone who’s fit, chiseled, or muscular.
  • Example: “Her boyfriend is so brolic. He must spend a lot of time at the gym.”



  • (Noun): An affectionate term used to describe a beautiful woman.
  • Example: “Shorty, you’re looking fire today.”  



  • (Noun): A curvaceous and good-looking rear end.
  • Example: “Dang, look at the jatty on that shorty over there.”

Wrap Up

While we realize that not all of the words on this list mean “beautiful” exactly, they can all be used to describe someone or an aspect of someone that is beautiful. And if you hear anyone using these words too often, you might want to call them out on being thirsty, or seeming too desperate!

We hope this post helped you see how unique and interesting New York slang is. Now you’ll know to be flattered if you hear anyone using these words to describe you.

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