New York Slang Words for Best Friend (And How to Use Them Correctly)

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It’s almost heartwarming how many words we have for friend. When you see words describing your social circle cropping up in slang, it just goes to show you how important our companions are.

New York is no exception. Over the decades, a complex slang language has developed and evolved with quite a few words you can use to describe your closest friends.

Today, we’ll be showing you a few New York slang words for best friend. Use any of these words to indicate you like someone.

A Reminder…

We’d like to give you a quick sort of disclaimer first. Any of the words on this list can be used to refer to someone you have positive feelings towards.

Some, however, come from other cultures, like akh. You may want to use them sparingly out of respect for people from those cultures.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the slang…

New York Slang Words for Best Friend (with Examples of How to Use Them)



  • (Noun): a name you can use to describe someone respectfully or that you like.
  • Example: “Will you grab me some snacks on the way home? Thanks, akh.”



  • (Noun): One of your closest friends. Someone you trust.
  • Example: “Thanks for having my back, B.”



  • (Noun): Short for brother, but can be used to refer to any of your male friends. Does not need to be mean you’re talking about a sibling.
  • Example: “I can always trust you, bro.”



  • (Noun): Another way of saying “son.” It doesn’t mean an actual son – you use it to describe a good friend, or even someone else if you don’t know their name.
  • Example: “I’m planning on hanging out with my duns after work.”



  • (Noun): One of your closest friends.
  • Example: “Thanks for the snacks, kid.”

My G


  • (Noun): A good friend. The g is short for “gangsta.”
  • Example: “I’m going to the bar with my G later.”



  • (Noun): Another way of referring to a close friend. This doesn’t have to mean a real child. Can also be used sarcastically as an insult.
  • Example: “How’s it going, son?”

Wrap Up

The next time you talk to one of your closest friends, make sure you give one of these slang words a try. If they don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll have the opportunity to expose them to something new.

Be sure to read our guide to New York Slang Words and Meanings. You’ll find slang for all kinds of situations and people there.

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