Top 10 Other Words for Charitable (Explained w Examples)

Do you want to know what other words you can use to say someone is charitable? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Friendly, displaying friendly behavior.

Example Sentence: Marissa met an amiable young man today, he helped her up the stairs!


Meaning: Kind, careful not to be an inconvenience to others.

Example Sentence: Lucas was really considerate when I asked for his help at work.


Meaning: Friendly and warm.

Example Sentence: Last night we had drinks at a bar with an incredibly cordial atmosphere.


Meaning: Pleasant, acting as a friend to people.

Example Sentence: Amanda is such a friendly girl, everyone loves her.


Meaning: Someone who gives to others more than is necessary.

Example Sentence: our boss was generous today so he gave everyone a bonus.


Meaning: Kind and caring.

Example Sentence: I love people who are gentle around pets.


Meaning: Helpful, sympathetic.

Example Sentence: Lucas is such a kind person, I adore him.


Meaning: Someone who shows a lot of love and care.

Example Sentence: My dad is a loving person despite his grumpy look and demeanor.


Meaning: Kind, someone who assists people who are in need.

Example Sentence: Tommy is such a nice person, always ready to help.


Meaning: Someone who shows consideration to others.

Example Sentence: You brought me the best gift for my birthday, so thoughtful of you!

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