Top 10 Other Words for Dark (Explained w Examples)

Are you wondering what other words you can use to describe something as dark? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Extremely dark, like the color black.

Example Sentence: The sky is almost black, it is so cloudy.


Meaning: Filled with clouds so it looks darker.

Example Sentence: The weather is cloudy, you don’t need sunglasses.


Meaning: Made more dark than usual.

Example Sentence: The room was darkened to create a nice mood!


Meaning: Something that lost its light. became darker.

Example Sentence: Why is it so dim in your living room, we need more light!.


Meaning: Lacking brightness, dark and dull.

Example Sentence: The entire country looked drab after the war.


Meaning: Boring, drab, and dark.

Example Sentence: Their apartment looks so dull, they should brighten it up.


Meaning: Full of fog.

Example Sentence: The weather is foggy, and you can barely see anything.


Meaning: Dark, depressing, and poorly lit.

Example Sentence: We walked through that gloomy forest and I was terrified!


Meaning: Dark, full of shadows.

Example Sentence: I always run quickly through that shadowy street near my house.


Meaning: Dark or dull.

Example Sentence: The sky was somber as if it was telling us something bad will happen.

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