Top 10 Other Words for Death (Explained w Examples)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Are you wondering what other words you can use instead of the word death? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: The death of a person.

Example Sentence: John’s untimely decease caught everyone by surprise.


Meaning: Someone’s death.

Example Sentence: Mike met his untimely demise.


Meaning: A person who will die.

Example Sentence: We take care of the dying here.


Meaning: The final part of someone’s life.

Example Sentence: Brian’s life reached its end.


Meaning: The process of something dying out and becoming extinct.

Example Sentence: The extinction of dinosaurs is something I think about often.


Meaning: The end of a period, life for example.

Example Sentence: His life reached its expiration date, and he was aware of it.


Meaning: The ending.

Example Sentence: Nina was aware that she reached the finish of her life, and it made her sad.


Meaning: Tha place where the dead are buried.

Example Sentence: Lucas wasn’t yet ready for his grave, he decided to fight.

Loss of Life

Meaning: Death.

Example Sentence: The loss of life of my mother still haunts me.


Meaning: Someone’s death.

Example Sentence: Tom’s passing hit me hard.

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